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  1. kobra is useful for evading missiles. its beacause the instantant bleed of energy. From 1200kh i get to 500 in 2 secs:)
  2. and which one do you prefer?? (flanker or eagle?) just say one, no it depends;) WHICH ONE DO U PREFER?
  3. thanks, and what about the other questions? Are u saying f15 is the best in all:) ? I repeat questions: Which plane (flanker or eagle)... 1.-is better in BVR? 2.-is better in medium range? 3.-is better in close range? 4.-has the most difficult evading missiles?
  4. Which plane (flanker or eagle) is better in BVR? and in medium range? and in close range? which one has the most difficult evading missiles?
  5. ok thanks:thumbup: i know know why f15 was better in my tests. Is because russian pilots drunk vodka before flying. I stupid i am not to realise that fact:doh: c'mon seriously... now ive tried FALCON 2.0... still f15 seems to always beat me!:(
  6. Ive made the following experiment: F-15 vs 4xMig 23 (i think) and SU-27 vs 4xMig 23 ReSuLtS: F-15vs... Killed four planes in most cases, and evaded missiles easily by doing up-down yo yos. SU-27vs...Killed in most cases 3 or 2, and didnt get to evade all missiles... WHY DID I GET THESE RESULTS?? and secondly i made another experiment... su27 vs f15... F15 missiles seem harder to evade.
  7. hi. ive been playing with the su.27. The problem is that, unlike f15 or su33, it is impossible to turn in a turnfight without stalling, and even then, the plane just turns too slowly. Why does this happen? when flying on a f15 agains a CPU su.27 never happens... why?
  8. That link has nothing to do with this game. In reality flanker is said to be better, but in the game some consider it to be the eagle.:) Im referring to the game
  9. Dear Community, Welcome to the Eagle vs Flanker thread :) where I would like to post the pros and cons of each plane, and not infesting other threads with the same matter. There is only one rule that has to be followed: no killing!! stop insulting and accept others opinions!! this thread is yours, reply saying: 1.- Which plane you consider to be better. 2.- What are the pros and cons of that plane. 3.- What convinced you to choose one or another. Please, follow this pattern and peace will reign. Thanks.
  10. ive tried there:thumbup: . they tell me to post it here. look for "x1600 and lock on" thread well, bot graphics cards have independent memory, nothing to do with RAM:P but, in most games, dont you think laptop 1 is better?? but in lock on, laptop 2 is better:lol: ... seems like simulators take more advantage of CPU rather than graphics card!!
  11. sorry i made an error... this is truth: x1600 gives around 4000 at 3dmark05, being equal or better than desktop 6600gt 1.- still getting better fps with 2 laptop? 2.- how many fps are we talking about? 10 or so? 3.- and in most games which one will run better? 4.- it comes with xp, but a free thing that lets you receive vista for free in the moment it is released. Is that better for lock on? if you answer this questions, i promise studying filosofy this afternoon:book: (which is quie boring) :smartass: thanks
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