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  1. It probably looks like this: http://www.developer.com/img/articles/2002/11/25/BREW/f3.jpg And will remain like that for a long time. :)
  2. Oh no, it's already been cracked. :( Either one of these hacks will distract the copy protection... I submitted both to Eagle for testing, but strangely I haven't got any reply yet...
  3. Yes, there is some config file where you can switch on tree collision, but I can't remember which one. Perhaps it's changed after 1.1, but I seem to recall it was somewhere in the Bazar folder.
  4. I have an idea what went wrong, but I don't know much about it and I certainly don't want to speculate here. Say you are horribly disappointed in Paypal and will dedicate your life to spreading bad rumours about them, travelling far and wide, giving speeches at town squares and universities.
  5. As gustav says, you can type in any resolution and aspect ratio in \Config\graphics.cfg But why did install 1.1 over 1.02? Just impatient? :)
  6. Paypal, download, uninstall, install, activation, run. No problems whatsoever! :)
  7. TekaTeka is always the man for your config questions! ;)
  8. I picked a great time to run out of money. :(
  9. I've been playing in lovely 16:10 since last summer. Not flawless, but works fine. (sometimes, between missions, the map view will remain in 16:10 while the menu around it is in 4:3) From graphics.cfg: DisplayMode { resolution = {1024, 768}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.333333373; Interface { resolution = {1024, 768}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.333333373; } Simulation { resolution = {1600, 1000}; bpp = 32; fullscreen = 1; aspect = 1.6; 16:9: aspect = 1.777777778
  10. Oh joy, more things to spend money on. :( Ah well, I don't need as much food when I'm gaming, bring it on! :D
  11. I think the new turbulence is excellent compared to 1.02. Not a constant series of identical jerks, but a fluent and heavy feel. I know sense of speed is one thing, but why should the plane shake more close to the ground if the air is calm?
  12. The Hornet and Tomcat would like a word with you.
  13. In videos like Maximum G, the plane didn't do a 180 deg angle of attack. From a nose up attitude (30 degs or more), it did a 100 degree Cobra and an off-boresight shot. Add all these angles together, and it's close to 180. :)
  14. Questions like this need to be asked quite often: What information, not counting internet bravado and assumptive guessing, do you base that on?
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