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  1. ED can just model a 2004 Langley F-15C, they were equipped with AN/APG-63 (V)1's, which were still a mechanical pulse doppler radar. It would come with Link-16, JHMCS, and AIM-9X's, the whole shabang. Question is, how classified is the F-15C from that time period, just because the AN/APG-63 (V)1 isn't an AESA radar, doesn't mean it isn't classified and how many bits and pieces can ED actually model in terms of the HUD modes, as well as the pages/subpages on the F-15C's MFD.
  2. Try using RWS to scan, and then hit Radar mode Auto so Jester doesn't go stupid and starts mashing buttons making you practically non-combat functional. Its only "workaround" I've personally found for this bug, that's been around for OVER 7 MONTHS. However, another issue arises when doing this, if your Phoenix misses or goes into the ground before the TTI countdown is finished sometimes you won't be able to tell jester+AWG-9 to do anything as he'll be stuck there for about a minute, but during this time you can use that as an opportunity to reset the fight or RTB.
  3. I'd personally like to go with a 2004 Langley F-15C, they had the non-AESA Radars while also having JHMCS, AIM-9X's, and D/L.
  4. Just make it full fidelity at that point. I'd love to see it become a full fidelity module.
  5. This bug has occured for me ever since TWS-A released.
  6. Good to know, hopefully HB can look into this and fix it
  7. Will there be an option to remove the yaw string in the settings?
  8. I can very much concur with this, the Jester fixes really need to be looked into, the F-14 module essentially REQUIRES a Human RIO now, but alot of us don't have Human RIO's, so we rely on Jester VERY heavily.
  9. I got a screenshot if it, looks pretty neat though, ngl.
  10. Here's to hoping that HB fixed Jester's TWS bugs in today's update
  11. the F-15's radar is gimped and it really annoys me.
  12. I owned the F-14X. One of the most regretable purchases I ever made.
  13. @IronMike Any news on the F-14B's digital Electronic Instrument Group (EIG)?
  14. The flight model is still superb so, I can still use it for aircraft handling, BFM, and ACM practice.
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