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  1. Yeah the Inchon was my one and only ship (decommed her and went ashore), but it was after it was during her MCS time, so just MH-53Es and some of the last Navy CH-46Es
  2. The Tiltin' Hiltons was the nickname given to the Iwo Jima class LPHs because they always had a bit of a list to them. They are unique since they were the first purpose built amphibious aviation ships. At 602' long and only 84' wide they were a tight fit for the Harriers.
  3. I am working on a scratch build for the Tiltin Hiltons, starting with the Gaum. I will hopefully have something to share later in another thread.
  4. Don't use the CVN-70, use the CVN-74 John C. Stennis. The reasons for this is that the Vinson was never ment for player usability. It is left over from earlier iterations of the game before the idea of a carrier capable user plane was thought of.
  5. I would look for a Midway or Kitty Hawk class CV
  6. So this is an example of how I have set up the ship, I have placed each deck reference at its appropriate level, as well as the hull shape pieces as well. The plans are pretty accurate so far. As you can see I still have a long way to go, but is coming along much faster than if I just used pictures as a reference (which is how I started).
  7. Yeah scratch building is very time consuming, especially if you have no time. It is very slow going but the deck plans helped a lot with the basic hull design. My plans are to build all of the ships in the class but that may prove more difficult than I thought. It turns out there is almost no consistency in the the modifications some are not even close. However, I am hopeful to have something semi functional (but still very wip) by the fall. I really want to fly a Harrier off a 600' flight deck.
  8. Have you guys thought about doing a scratch build? There is a site that has great blueprint (printed) resources for modeling, https://floatingdrydock.com/MasterPlan.htm While the site does not have designs for the Oriskany, it does have other Essex class CV's. I am currently using their plans for my build of the Iwo Jima LPH, and they are quite descriptive, with individual deck plans, hull outlines, etc.
  9. No excuses, we want ships now!!! Just kidding, your certs are far more important than we are, best of luck man, we will be here when you're done.
  10. In fairness there are those of us professionals that don't know the difference. We had a discussion about this one time in my tower.
  11. Lose the entitlement kiddo. If you are modifying a LUA file then it is not a base-game feature but a mod. The dev's are under no obligation to support a mod. It may be a future feature buy for now it is nonfunctional thus not supported by the devs.
  12. So low like we're heading downtown for a second pass because no one would be that crazy? Or low, you guys don't quite know what all will be going into the last Navy bomber?
  13. Little bit of a bummer, but still really looking forward to this.
  14. Wait, is there a Stoof coming as well or are they just statics?
  15. Make a small explosion trigger at mission start on the runway. It will disable the runway for AI but should turn the lights off.
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