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  1. Hi All New to online play - d/l'd Hyperlobby and Teamspeak and installed. Question as follows: In Hyperlobby under games in progress, are guests/players (such as myself) welcome to join any game in progress, or just those which specifically state that "all are welcome". Apol's if asked before - do not want to be the "new guy" that ruffles feathers in Hyperlobby or servers...:unsure: Also, how good do you have to be....:joystick:
  2. :helpsmilie: Hello All - calling all artists - have a peep at the Vid and tell me if anyone can replicate the pygamas on this bird - AMAZING :D http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q163/Sylvester007/?action=view&current=SU-27.flv
  3. Enjoyed that - Simple, Elegant and Graceful with good Music to boot. :thumbup:
  4. GR8 Vid chaps - amazing talent - wishing you the very best for the awards:thumbup:
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