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  1. Get used to tightening your neck up. Also, you can press F7 for Precision mode, it slows down the 'snapiness'
  2. Check on the right. Shout out to Scott from MDS for helping me test it. The controls are working, complete with an "Ask to Transfer Controls" system, and you even require authorization to join the aircraft's second seat in multi-player.
  3. I wonder, what's that on the right? :music_whistling: edit: TESTED AND WORKING. SYNCED PLAYER CONTROLS ARE A GO
  4. And they even gave us a lil' mirror. I felt it was missing one for sure.
  5. Don't kid yourself. It is absolutely a game. It's just got a steep learning curve.
  6. Sadly, I'll hold off until it's actually worth buying. Thanks for letting us know, though!
  7. It's a game, not a simulator. LNS should make a MiG-23, because of their clear expertise. They're going to pick a specific model and stick with it. Would you rather another group, say, VEAO, make a MiG-23? Either way, it's going to be fighting against russian hardware in MP/SP as well anyways. If you think that's unrealistic, you should see the Egyptian Air Forces' lineup of aircraft.
  8. It's a choice between: Having to zoom in immensely, which is horridly unrealistic, to see things at extreme distances which STILL might be too small to be represented by a pixel on smaller resolutions or Having scaling models at long-distances that make it just big enough to make out at extreme distances as a pixel or two when it'd otherwise be visible in real life (and non-visible on a computer screen) I choose the second, for the sake of the sim.
  9. So what exactly do you think the model visibility does? It compensates for how aircraft at distance are at the sub-pixel level without zoom, or even with it. You can turn it off on your end if it bothers you that much.
  10. As I've stated, you can use Store modules on Steam just fine. You can pre-order NTTR on ED's Shop, and at release, use it with the Steam version. I can and will provide support if you so choose to go down this route.
  11. Incorrect. You can easily maintain a 'bastardized' version of DCS with both Steam modules and Store modules running side-by-side. It takes about 15 minutes of prepwork, and from there, Steam -will- handle updating store modules. Updates that are shipped to DCS through Steam contain the necessary files for updating all aircraft, regardless of ownership. EDIT: To clarify, Steam doesn't 'update' each aircraft, but updates the game and all aircraft together, so it will cover store modules. If you wish to try and maintain a version as I've described- one where store and steam modules are side-by-side, PM me and I can assist and provide support. I even wrote a tutorial on how to set it up, it just gets drowned out by those whom don't know any better.
  12. My personal checklist: If: Problem with engine, and you're not already on the ground Do: EJECT. Anything else: Go out swinging.
  13. All these little indie-devs crying about it make me laugh. The ones claiming their sales were hurt are even better. If I bought a game in March, some indie game, and realized it was trash, I'd want a refund alright. Now that I can refund it, I will. Too bad Brink falls outside this window. I can't believe I bought TWO (2) copies.
  14. To add to that, why anyone would trust him after his IL-2 days is beyond me. Who didn't see this coming from miles out?
  15. Yes. Add me on Steam, and I can instruct you on how to fix it up. http://steamcommunity.com/id/fennecfoxes
  16. It's a matter of setting up a few files correctly, and running a single .exe after an update. If you want more, add me on Steam, http://steamcommunity.com/id/fennecfoxes
  17. There are ways to make it auto-update, which is what I've done for all my Store modules. I use the Steam version, with a couple modifications, and each steam update will update all modules, even if you don't own them. The updates are all-inclusive.
  18. If you're just going to do a full straight store install, it wouldn't be the best idea to copy all the files, but it will work. The only major thing you'll need to change is in your DCS/config folder, open retail.cfg and change the word STEAM to STORE, all caps. This will enable use of the module manager. You'll then want to repair the whole installation with the DCS Updater to ensure its up to store standards.
  19. Oh boy, Shagrat is back with more wrong "facts". True. However, with careful upkeep, you can prevent it 99% of the time. True, but negated by the fact you can just install the Store versions just fine. I still do it to this day. Surprise! You can use the DCS Updater for Steam, too, and Steam doesn't know anything's wrong. You can also set Steam to not auto-update, so you can ensure that it's not a broken one. You can enable the Module Manager on Steam, too. Yes.
  20. Stop trying to say this as if it's fact. Steam works objectively the same as standalone. There aren't any major cons/pros that are balanced out unmatched with standalone, and the same vice-versa. Also, pointing out once again, that installing Store Modules to Steam DCS is entirely possible, and works, but is unsupported by ED, since they can't be bothered. If you wish to install store modules into Steam, PM me, and I'll help you through it.
  21. The fanboyism is rather disgusting. 60$ isn't unheard of for something like this, but it's higher than the norm, so people will cry and cry all day long. 41.99 is a good price for now, but after the initial sale, I'd advise friends against it until it went on sale.
  22. As for OP's topic, surely it has to do with maybe the grid lines?
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