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  1. Yeah that image from the Apache looks better than what we have now, but also hope it's WIP. Trees too hot. Same as today really.
  2. I typically set it to 30. Feels alive and bumpy when down low.
  3. Man, I CAN'T WAIT! I've been waiting/hoping for a new FLIR model since 2015.
  4. Excellent work on finding the Gun Pipper issue! Thanks man!

    It also has been malfunctioning after JSOW release in my experience.


    How weird that it's got something to do with how far north you are.

    I've had the gun solution fail also in Syria and that's far more south than Georgia xD

  5. Just had a short flight in an MP server and the A2G Gun Pipper was OK. Wonder if it was actually fixed in yesterdays patch or just a fluke it worked as intended this time. Can you guys test again and post your results?
  6. Any official word on this? Just started flying the Viggen again and AKAN bullets is falling consistently short if you fire right when wings appear, Mode ANF, Radar ranging used. Tested mostly on Syria map. Targets close to sea level.
  7. Nothing on the MSFS2020 forums about this? Maybe they have a "tool" aswell? It's extra ironic given how MSFS2020 VR was released exclusively for WMR / Reverb G2 first.
  8. Well exactly? So DCS is not applying the calibration values stored in the headset, while other SteamVR games apparently do.
  9. I can't agree with this. If the core issue was in fact in the hardware / headset calibration, why is it not apparent in WMR Portal, and other SteamVR games? It's very apparent to me it's a software issue, where DCS (and MSFS2020 apparently) either does not read/use the headsets calibration values at all or doesn't read/use them correctly.
  10. Confirming had this several times the last few days. A2G Gun Pipper ~ 20deg too low. AGR mode or not made no difference.
  11. Ah OK, I',m not doing something wrong then, thanks. I hope it gets implemented soon, as to me, it makes even more sense to use the TERM data for JSOWs as they are glide weapons.
  12. Is this not implemented or am I doing something wrong? JSOW in Too mode. Designate target with TGP. Enter JSOW Dsply and change TERM HDG data to a heading. Release weapon. Now I understand it won’t do a 180 turn or anything crazy but I don’t seem to get ANY adherence on the HDG entered.
  13. It's been a while since I flew the M-2000C now, but in general: The HOTAS controls section refers to buttons and switches on the actual throttle and stick in the aircraft. What the HOTAS buttons and switches do, differs between aircraft. Some are often similar, e.g. "Nose Wheel Steering" is often connected to a button on the stick for several aircraft. HOTAS layout and actions is most often pretty well documented in the aircraft manual (which resides in e.g. %DCS installation dir%\Mods\Aircraft\M2000C\Doc). The HOTAS section in the M-2000C manual starts on page 30.
  14. Haven't been browsing the bug report forums as much as I usually do, haven't had a DCS crash since the first 2.7. May be related to specific module(s). I'm flying mostly the F/A-18 and F-14B.
  15. Yeah I hope so, fingers crossed! Appreciate it's maybe a complex issue what do I know, I'm just eager.
  16. Is that confirmed somewhere that it's not coming today? I've only seen comments that they're working on it. And it's a priority issue. Never seen "not this month" or the likes...
  17. Yay planned OB today! Crossing my fingers for a jittering clouds fix!
  18. I have to agree, but for me it's been even before 2.7. Started a patch or two before 2.7. People complained about it then but it was apparently shut down with "correct-as-is" iirc, as in, it was deemed too powerful/stable before. For me it's almost impossible to keep a stable tws bug on a target >20nm away. Even if its hot on you and prf is on INT or HI. EDIT: Here's the thread I was referring to
  19. 1. I was not referring to the absolute majority regarding what they think about a KA-50 feature. I was referring to the majority already trying to balance FPS and Eyecandy. Also, it was my very own armchair opinion that it probably would be taxing to implement a proper contrast locking system. 2. Perhaps the statement "It's already a very fine balance between realism/eyecandy and FPS for the absolute majority of us. " were somewhat exaggerated for emphasis, but probably not far from the truth. Just because you're sitting on a 3090 doesnt mean everyone is. The majority isn't, ergo, my statement holds true.
  20. This. This is it. Worked for me when it gets stuck and unable to undesignate.
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