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  1. That's great news! Thanks! Seriously, I understand from the long time it took to create those flares that it far beyond changing a constant in the code. If possible - it would be great to learn about the challenges/ research/changes required even for a 'small' item such as a flare. This 'peeks behind the curtain' are very interesting and shade some light about the challenges of sim development.
  2. Hi ED, seems like you really put an effort to academically research the HARM flight profiles! Good job! That would be awesome if you could share more info in this regard. P.S The increased number of flares seem to be a community request for around two years now Hope we'll see the same academic approach and research update prior to release. Seem to be a hard and demanding task... Keep the good job!
  3. I honestly don't understand how the current mechanic of the AUTO/PTRK of the ATFLIR/LIGHTNING can be some thing that the pilots can work with... It's makes it incredibly hard and not intuitive to lock a moving target...
  4. Hi Ugra, any chance you can comment on this? Thanks!
  5. Yep. Flew to waypoint per the speed the HSI gave me. At waypoint 1 pressed the WPDSG and it brought the required GS in the HSI way below the desired speed I've entered (520). I guess that the WPDSG calculated the correct speed required to be on target on time. Without the WPDSG - the speed stays 520 const.
  6. 0-1-2. the TOT was for waypoint 2. BTW, I've kept the speed until waypoint 1 as instructed by the HSI. Then switched to waypoint 2 and accelerated per the desired speed. Because it was the leg of the bomb run, I pressed 'WPDSG' and it completely changed the speed. Seems like at the waypoint before the TGT you need to press WPDSG in order to get 'live' GS requirement. In WAYPOINT - it stay constant on the HSI
  7. I've entered the TOT and GSPD for a target waypoint (selected it as TGT - it had a white square around it). It wrote a constant GS on the HSI instead of giving me the required GS I need to keep in order to be on time at the waypoint. Does the GSPD works? Is there a know bug? Should I do something differently? Thanks.
  8. Issue was already brought up in the past. Personally I think the perspective right now ain't good. You can't see the RWR as you've said and you barely can read the MFDs without zooming in. From talking to multiple F-16 pilots - it's not an issue IRL - You easily see the whole RWR and the MFDs are super readable. I don't believe we'll get an ED response here. Maybe just a [Correct as is]
  9. After using SEA and AGM-84E - game crash at exit dcs.log-20210204-190920.zip AGM84D_training.miz
  10. Same here. It's a horrible bug lasting for ages now. No matter how many time I do the process above - it returns. Every time you go for a SP/MP sortie - it's a Russian roulette in regard of whether your FLIR will work or not... ED, can you explain what is the reason for this bug? Plans to fix it soon? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Seems like it not implemented at the moment. ED, any plans to make it work? Thanks.
  12. Superb! Thanks for the info! One last question - Is there a 'forced' allocation for 'other' contacts? In case inside the chosen distance there are 10 'friendlies' and 5 'others' - will it show 4 friendlies and 3 others or all the 7 slots will belong to friendlies? Thanks for your time and knowledge!
  13. So, you would prefer to keep the HMD distance small as possible? If you put a 100 NM distance - the HMD will most likely show you only friendlies. You would prefer to keep it around 20-40 NM tops to increase the chance for the 3 spots allocated not necessarily for friendlies to actually show 'others'? Moreover, If I've got you correctly - in case there are no friendlies - it should show only 3 'others' or in this case it will allocate them the whole 7 symbols? Thanks.
  14. It mean that when you turn on the battery you immediately get all the power load from the pumps. It could damage the electrical system, no? I would be better to add this systems one-by-one, no?
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