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  1. I know this might be the wrong area, but does anyone know when exactly does this come out? What are the requirements to run this? I do want VR for this. If the game looks as good as what I saw on YouTube, you guys might as well take my money now. My current rig is an old PC from 2010 Core i7 12gb RAM GTX1050 Nvidia Windows 7 Home Premium It's time for a huge upgrade.
  2. OK. Just bought Mig21. It's the first full price purchase I've made for a video game since Battlefield 3. I'm ready to get serious. I want to learn how to play this game and do it right. But I don't want to spend $5000 on a set up. First, my computer is 6 year old IbuyPower PC: Core i7, 12gb RAM, GTX480 Nvidia GPU, running Windows 7 HP. I have a Saitek AV8r-01, which seems like I bought 20 years ago. I have two 27" monitors side by side. Here's what I'd like to know. 1. What is the best joystick for this game? Best bang for the buck please. I don't have a lot of desk space so I can't afford to do a 3 piece set. But what would you guys recommend? 2. How can I get one of those devices where you can freely look around? I don't know the term. But using the hat switch is so amateurish. I use the Hat Switch now and then press one of the buttons on my Saitek to center again. I want something more smooth, just like some of the tutorials I see here. 3. Would you all recommend I go with like a 34" monitor? Can I make good with the two 27"s I have now (even though they are different brands)? 4. Do I need a new video card? Run it at a higher resolution with two monitors with a big black monitor edge in the middle? Thank you so much.
  3. So you're saying that the scenarios played out on FC3 would never take place in real life? It's just that we haven't had to deal with real adversaries in decades. The last time was in VN. Now, we're not going against the Chinese or Russians. So you don't have two elite jets going up against each other anymore. Not even F16 against Mig 29s. It's very one sided, depending on the airspace. But if we were to have an incident, let's say over Syrian airspace with a Turkish F16 and a Russian SU27, how would the combat take place? Over 20 miles with missiles? Or within 10 miles with missiles and guns?
  4. I had an argument with a buddy of mine. He said in today's air to air combat, there are no more dogfights and that everything 20+ miles out. I argued that's not correct. Although I am not a pilot, when I'm playing FC3, all kills are WVS....that is under 10 miles. If you fired a missile over 20 miles, the enemy has time to take defensive maneuvers. I haven't played FC3 in a while, but I recall you had two long range, which are designed for 20+_ miles and 2-4 short/med range which are for 10 miles in. I don't recall ever getting a kill over 20+ miles out. So who's right?
  5. Hey everyone- Just got this a few months ago and have enjoyed it but not the extent that I would like. I see a lot of YT videos of FC3 and most of them I can't understand. What I mean is the different radar modes, attack modes, Ground/Air, weaponry, etc. They are so complicated. I tried the SU25 training, which "Walks" you through it. But how about for the F15 or A10 or Mig 29 or SU27? I don't want to watch stinkin' 4:3 videos. They are boring. I learn by doing, not watching. I'm wondering if there's a video somewhere out there for every plane that teaches you radar modes, combat modes, different ways to target the enemy. Right now, the best I can do is press 6 and line up until I hear the tone and fire. I know the game has to offer more than that. I'm afraid if I don't learn, I will stop playing. Thanks
  6. Thank you. I never understood what it meant. For a while, I thought it was used for landing purposes. A follow up question: Targeting modes: 1. Pressing 3 I believe engages the vertical scan mode (two lines about a 1/2" apart). So how do I target the enemy once in this mode? 2. I know by pressing 4 there's a circle in the screen. You put the target inside the circle and press enter, then wait to get close enough. Thanks again.
  7. Newbie here. I am trying my hardest to figure out this game. One of many questions I have is the display on my hud when i press 8. It looks like a stickman doing jumping jacks. What mode is this and what purpose does it serve? My 2nd question is the mode when I press 5. It has a very thick circle. I believe that its supposed to be a helmet targeting retical. But how would one use It? Do you need head tracking device? Thanks
  8. I still need help with this. I still cant get the "Center View" on half of my aircraft. on the SU27, SU25, and SU33, I can. But on the A10, F15, M29, I cannot. I normally press on my Button3 (center button) to center the view. But when I go under control and make the changes, the Button 3 is not listed. For those planes where the Center View works, it is listed. I am lost as to why this is. WHy can't I get this simple feature to work on all of the planes?
  9. I have three questions for everyone: 1. What is a good joystick for FC3? I currently have the Saitek AV8r-01. While it's certainly decent, I'd like to know what you all have and would recommend. I'd rather not have a separate throttle and joystick as I don't have a lot of room on my desk. 2. MY Saitek has 5 buttons on the handle: trigger, hat switch, a red button on the left, a center button, and a button on the right. I want to click on the center button to return to center view. At one time it did that but I tried to change something and now its gone. I can't get it back. I believe that is button 3. HOwever, when assigning buttons, #3 is not listed. 3. I also want to be able to track my enemy. In previous flight sim games, I could press one button and it would cycle through each enemy and follow it. How do I do that? Let's say I go head on with an enemy. By pushing this button, I can track him all the way through without using the Hat switch. Is there a way to do this? I hope I'm clear with my questions. Thank you.
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