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  1. The difference is the distance between your head and the TrackIR receiver. Because the resolution of TIR5 is much bigger than TIR4, so when the distance is long enough, TIR5 can working more smooth than TIR4. If you only sit by your desk, TIR4 is good to go.
  2. After today's auto update, modules of current version ( ) downloaded from ED website can't be installed into the new version DCSW ( ). It said version module installer is needed, but where is the new version of module installer???
  3. didn't find in the installation folder or anywhere, I know that the ED team are very busy, but when will the new GUI manual be released? especially the new mission editor.
  4. rick will replace this with the original su33 for the Cat fans.:D let me help to upload some more nice pic. the eject seat will be updated later.
  5. I just want to know, if I buy a serial for RUS download edition, and can this serial number be used at the later Eng download edition. I can't wait for couple months to reach the Eng download and if the serial for rus can be used for Eng edition. I will buy one and give it a try....
  6. Torwak, BS is out and you as well. finally got you! haha
  7. Can't figure out how these scripts to use. anybody can give it a note something?
  8. I am wondering if there is a dedicated server side availble for BS?
  9. haha! good idea! if you posted this information more early, I should not buy me the 8" touchscreen.
  10. thanks all your reply! Mugatu, luasql is exactly what I use. in export.lua it looks like this: g_startTime = os.date( "%c"); lastRow = 0; function LuaExportStart() dofile( "Config/Export/calcRows.lua" ); calcRows(); end function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame() end function LuaExportAfterNextFrame() end function LuaExportStop() dofile( "Config/Export/ExportData.lua" ); ExportData(); end it works fine, and I get the data in mysql likes this: okay, got the data, the other part is easy to take care. But these days I met a situation
  11. seems nobody here anymore. anyway, no trouble to bother. I made the script myself and export the mp_log to mysql. All necessary key data imported.
  12. faint!~~ is my post invisible or nobody comes here anymore?
  13. Hi, everybody, I am FlyCat from inSky Lock Club in China ( we have more than six thousands registered forum members and everyday there are more than 30 people hanging out in our TS flying and fighting ). These days we setup a dedicated host (E6600, 4G, 150M Fiber, welcome to join in via host.insky.cn ). Need some help of Lockon Ranking system lua scrip. I found this post about lua script of Jetfire and I modified the script and did some customization, set up a web page( http://host.insky.cn and also you can check the host system load status with http://host.insky.cn:81/hoststatus/pan
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