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  1. Have to clarify myself, I downloaded the ENG version from the russian site, and my Mate did it from the French mirror, same file name LO_Flaming_Cliffs_Patch_1[1].12a_EngWEB.exe and after he patched his game (fresh install of everything) with it we could no longer play with eachother, he only could see a join button as spectator, no in blue or red side. After he reinstalled and DL it from the russian server, we can now play. So I say it's confirmed.
  2. The patch for 1.12ENGWEB from the french mirror site is bogus, my friend DL it and it's bigger (56660kb) than the patch from the Russian server (56216kb) and is incompatible to play :cry: with the download from the russian server .
  3. 18hrs and sorted Thankyou, downloaded it in less than 10 min, isssue solved. Now back to :book: the manual :lol: :pilotfly: :thumbup:
  4. So dowload page is blank, since I'm not the only one with this problem, I accept a swit response, it's still working time so I expect a answer today. :music_whistling:
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