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  1. Not a AMD and/or Win11 user but I just stumbeld over the KB5006746 patch which adresses the L3 cache issues with AMD. Maybe this helps u Win11 Spearheads...
  2. Well Sir, a bit more information could do the trick here. What plane, what mission, what map, is the cloud layer intended by the mission designer or has it to do with the knew cloud/weather engine or maybe it's just a 'not up to date' mission. If the loadout is not vital for the mission design drop a JDAM on a prefined waypoint...
  3. You'd have to edit it on the mission editor. place some flights taking off and landing on the boat. The AI flights should use the elevators to stow themselfes in the boat automatically to keep the deck clear. The easier way is to find some random missions in the user files section. I swear I saw some 'busy deck' missions there.
  4. seems I completely got your first post wrong - sorry for that. If I would have gotten you right in the first place I would've recommended a deletion of the fxo's and metashaders and do a repair. My bad - but great you got it working as supposed
  5. The cloud system has just been rolled out mate. Give it some time as bug reporting will make it better more reliable and maybe even easier to handle over the time. I know nobody wants to hear that anymore but it is a BETA version. No offence mate, I know small steps can be frustrating but I think ED just made a big one with 2.7.
  6. Earlier when i slewed the the TPOD around whenever I pressed TDC the diamond appeared and I could check with the e.g. jdam page open, the coordinates changed accordingly. So, targetpoint set. Now, it does work the same except the diamond in the flir just doesn't show up. I don't get an immediate optical response by pressing the TDC that the point I'm looking at is set as targetpoint and transferred to whatever corresponding weapon. Does that make sense? Maybe I missed a feature with the last update here but this is how it seems to me. Again, I'm fine if it's the way it is.
  7. But it was different before the last update wasn't it!? I found it more responsive and obvious where the TPOD was aiming at by showing the diamond. But maybe it's just a 'get used to it' thing. As long as it is as in the real pod - i'm fine with it.
  8. Yes looks like kind of that. But shadows are set to default. Will check with different settings asap. Thanks anyways.
  9. I just noticed some 'black diamonds' rotating/flickering across the screen. Wasn't able to do some screenshots or a video yet though. Was at Caucasus ~ 20.000 ft between 2 cloud layers. I just happend from the inside view. All good with external views.
  10. Too heavy and too much force on the stick would be my guess. Happend to me some time ago but I was far too heavy. 6 Mavs 6 GBUs etc...I know...greedy sucker
  11. Sure the Viper will be in my hangar at some time but since I got the Hornet man I can't get enough from Carrier Ops. Set up a busy day on the ship, tune the weather a bit challenging and that's it! My wife can't get me out of my pilots seat for months. Sure I blame Corona for that...
  12. Can't find the link but this afaik has already been reported.
  13. +1 The lightpoles should affect the interior!
  14. With the 'depth of field' option turned on the background of the external views becomes blurry.
  15. Are u aware that u can speed up INS alignment by pressing 'STD HDG' button on the HSI after setting INS into CV / GND align mode? Gotta ask this - what keeps you from just holding it steady during the startup procedure?
  16. From my days as a real-life general aviation pilot I can say it depends so much on numerous factors from what distance you can spot an aircraft. Light, clouds, haze, angle of the sun, aspect to plane, color scheme, altitude, background, shape, size...
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