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  1. +1 The lightpoles should affect the interior!
  2. With the 'depth of field' option turned on the background of the external views becomes blurry.
  3. Are u aware that u can speed up INS alignment by pressing 'STD HDG' button on the HSI after setting INS into CV / GND align mode? Gotta ask this - what keeps you from just holding it steady during the startup procedure?
  4. +1 Thas's what I was referring to...
  5. From my days as a real-life general aviation pilot I can say it depends so much on numerous factors from what distance you can spot an aircraft. Light, clouds, haze, angle of the sun, aspect to plane, color scheme, altitude, background, shape, size...
  6. Just a quick one - I thought I read some updates ago that the deletion of the fxo and the metashaders became part of the update routine? So no manual deleting needed? Gotta check this with the next update...
  7. It's a heat-resitant coating for ordnance used on carriers. In case of fire you want a bit more time till it goes off...
  8. Well being a bit more specific could be helpful. Maybe a screenshot? Are u on VR? To me it looks the same as before last update. I even have some frames more. AI is detecting hostiles from over the horizon ever since...
  9. Cold start, always! Just love fiddling around with the switches and buttons. Makes me feel sitting in this Martin Baker seat.
  10. I have mine set to 2.2 but depending from what angle the sun is shining from it doesn't look too different from your screenshot. When I look in the bright sky brightness got dimmed down a bit and when I look in the darker part it's the other way around - so pretty much what the human eyes does IRL. Isn't this happening on your screen too?
  11. As this is related to modding you'd might better find an answer in the 'Mods and Apps' forums -> https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps
  12. As for the original post - I have the same frames as before. Have you tried a repair? I think deleting the fxo and the metashaders is now part of the update routine. Though you could do this manually.
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