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  1. Hello all, The trimmer functionality for FFB sticks seems to be non functional, if you could please add some option to allow for functional trimming with FFB sticks that would be fantastic. The FFB in the F-14 is so well executed - please at least make the trimmer work in the Viggen! Typically with a force feedback joystick the trimmer commands will move the "center" of the joystick via force feedback motor commands. With the Viggen there is no such displacement related to commanded trimmer configurations. Also i am able to see the trimmer diamond moving in the CTL+ENTE
  2. can confirm that f-5 works perfectly well with FFB sticks - both the MSFFB2 and the G-940.
  3. my point is that the trimmer surfaces fail to offset in this case, causing no net change to trim configuration. does that make sense now?
  4. ok then - when you trim in another aircraft, the stick moves to new center position to align with the trimmer input yes? well not so in the viggen - it doesnt work at all and there no option to work around this unless you employ something like simffb which takes over FFB input entirely - so no more stall shake or anything like that.
  5. Well lets start here, do you use a FFB stick? or are you familiar with how they actually work, as in do you have first party experience with them?
  6. ya this is a point, but fuckiing basic functionality is broken for me here:/ and there is no option to just turn FFB trim off like in other modules - or just go to centering force only - like there is no workaround outside of going to simffb as a third party solution. weak as mate.
  7. depends on what you mean by dry etcher - is this a mechanical etching device? laser? are you etching a labeling plate, decorative thing, semiconductor dope, pcb? Also this one realllllyyy feels like the wrong forum - like not subforum, but wrong forum altogether.
  8. well ima have to call bullshit on this one tbh, not your response of course, but on the devs not knowing what FFB is - as the F14 has fantastic FFB. So HB, how do you respond to this?
  9. at the risk of having missed this as a known issue i wanted to call this out - i have been having issues with the trimmer being completely non functional. I am observing the "ctl+enter" controls display and i can clearly see the trimmer bug moving around, but there are no changes to the stick center on my FFB stick (msffb2) nor is there any affect on the aircraft's behavior. There are no FFB options in the "special" section of options, neither are there any FFB tuning options in controls... Any insight here would be appreciated - and if more info is required I'll provide what is requeste
  10. love the enthusiasm around FFB, and yes do get you some ffb2's stockpiled! your thoughts on deadzone in real aircraft is deadass wrong though. there is never a no force zone, that would allow for flutter in the control surfaces which would go very sideways, very quickly. Almost all mechanical type systems (direct control) have some amount of preload applied to the control cables, or pushrods to take up any slack. if you're in an airplane that has slack in the controls, get the fuck out.
  11. you know, it is there, and you can also feel the cogging of the motors, and the gears, but to be honest - when in use, you really dont notice it. There are a couple of gents on the forums developing FFB firmware for joysticks, and when that comes to fruition we will start to see several belt drive devices with anticogging measures implemented. of course, we'd be looking at scratch built controllers.
  12. i mean i put a virpil grip on my msffb2 because i didnt want to give up the immersion. see thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/input-and-output/289012-msffb2-mod-build-2020
  13. So i tried this and it didnt seem to work for me, the very small deadzone on the stock ffb2 controller is still apparent for me. would this be because i wasnt running diview in admin mode you think?
  14. Hey guys, giving this a bump - I elect @propeler , @walmis , and @Thadiun Okana as our FFB saviors. Please all of you keep sharing your fantastic work. @walmis Would love to see a post from you describing your work here, this is fantastic stuff.
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