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  1. You're welcome William ! if you like this kind of "tricks", you maybe like this funny (!?) one : MapKey(&Throttle, APPAT, EXEC("MapKey(&Throttle, APENG, SEQ(PULSE+L_ALT+'6', PULSE+L_ALT+'9'));")); //AutoPilote PATH , Engage/Désengage (Toggle) MapKey(&Throttle, APAH, EXEC("MapKey(&Throttle, APENG, SEQ(PULSE+L_ALT+'2', PULSE+L_ALT+'9'));")); //AutoPilote ALT/HDG , Engage/Désengage (Toggle) MapKey(&Throttle, APALT, EXEC("MapKey(&Throttle, APENG, SEQ(PULSE+L_ALT+'4', PULSE+L_ALT+'9'));")); //AutoPilote ALT , Engage/Désengage (Toggle)
  2. Dear ED, maybe you can, please, write it like that : Dunkerque (Dunkirk). @Nealius, are you writing on behalf of ED ? so, clearely and without any animosity, i don't care about your remarks.
  3. Hi, There is no Dunkirk town in France but Dunkerque is its name, no Dunkirk or Dünkirchen or Дюнкерк. Thank you to correct this.
  4. +1 for this funny option ! Chock in place, chock removed, chock in place, chock removed, etc
  5. Thank you very much Nealius for your clear and documented reply on the topic questions !
  6. Hi, After some passes over AA , land with flat tire, the rim / ground contact point is not on the right place.
  7. I don'think it's an age question, but it seams that some are specialists to not "fully understand issue"... Btw, track replay is not to be fixed soon as i am told in the headset : "...but it is not going to happen overnight, we have other work to finish first. " Btw² i think that we all prefer a "Flight Crew" reply instead of a "Ground Crew".
  8. Scoll

    Track needed

    Hi Flappie, Thank you for this confirmation that we cannot report issues that arise during a long flight. Best Regards
  9. Hi Bignewy, As you request a track to report issues and as almost lot of them appeared after such like a 2 hours flight, PLEASE, give a way to cut track to send you what you request ! Thank's
  10. Welcome to the Fw190 icing pitot club !
  11. Bonjour, Comme dit dans la présentation de DCS 2.5 Open Beta : The "release" version will be available shortly after Open Beta testing is complete. Pour DCS, "shortly" vaut actuellement entre 2 et 6 mois.
  12. yes, you need to have TARGET Script running during the game. Send it to DCS ? i don't know how nor why ?
  13. Lot of things can't be mapped directly in game. or Tell me how to change joystick curves in flight or order to close canopy, wait for action finished then turn lights on, with one button, i'm curious. ok, you can find all you want to do with TARGET Script. push a switch then send a "A", pull it back then send a "B", change joystick curves in flight, do an action till button are pushed and stop it when released, push a button once then send a "X", push it one more time then send a "Y", once again then send a "Z", etc. All you have to do is ... RTFM ! or ask for a specific command/acti
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