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  1. Sent an E-mail but I assumed you got swamped, sent you a PM though as I'm keen to get one!
  2. Was playing tonight and tried to spawn at Ambrolauri with 2 friends only to discover that the UH-1 and Mi-8 slots all use the exact same helipad, thus marking my first two "crashes", there goes my streak! :P
  3. Quick question, I noticed in the F10 menu there's a setting regarding ADF, has that been implemented yet? I'm going crazy trying to find anything on any of my radios!
  4. What version you guys thinking of running the event with? If we don't get a patch for the issues the MiG-21's flight model has in 2.5.6 you thinking of rolling back to stable?
  5. Played on here earlier today, I like it, all for expanding on the mechanics as I do kinda wanna get that flavour of FS Economy in DCS some days, and doing SAR as a base for the economy sounds like something I'd be down for
  6. I know there's no onboard designation capabilities, but don't suppose there's any word on KAB-500L's or KH-25's? Those being available to use with red JTAC's would certainly stave off my wishes for a MiG-27. I know we're getting KH-23's but a man can dream, right?
  7. Might not be able to make the event, if anyone ends up on the reserve list expect to bump me. I'm looking forward to hopefully being the only dude landing vertically in the server though :thumbup:
  8. Athena | Hoodoo AV-8B
  9. So far the biggest/only one I've noticed (30 minutes flight time so far) is that the GAR-8 growl volume knob only seems to apply when the gun/missile selector is on missile
  10. I had the same problem with Freetrack myself, seems as though the F-86 is simply missing the "Absolute *" control bindings that at the very least the A-10 uses, perhaps it's a simple fix that'll take less than a week, as the main search system of the F-86 appears to be the Mk. 1 Eyeball it is a little off putting that headtracking doesn't seem to work out of the box, kinda odd really, considering how top notch everything else seems to be!
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