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  1. I'm gradually realizing how crazy your "solution" is but at the same time how effective it might be. I am not a native speaker of English. But now I do understand what an "empty mission" really means. Starting a mission truly empty. Full stop. I'm not asking if this makes any sense, but I'll give it a try . . . really? Is this seriously regarded as a solution? But, after I successfully tried the Win8 compatibility mode, an "empty mission" solution is no crazier either. Why do I think just now back again to the garlic ring around neck solution in this context . . .
  2. ok. before I go a little crazy I wonder what happened that a normal procedure that I've been doing almost forever is now called a "solution". Start a new mission, choose a map, choose an aircraft that, for the sake of simplicity, starts from the RWY. Save the mission. Don't leave the ME, fly around, abort the mission and close the ME. Have a coffee break and then restart the just newly created mission from "my missions". No crash?? What did we discuss here for weeks? Now, no 2nd mission load crash?? Not here!
  3. just to confirm and understand. Creating a new mission from scratch, save it, flying it and close it normally - no crash, ok. But what about loading this newly created mission again next time? Since the first 2.7. update I've done this "standard" procedure of creating new missions many times, with CAU map and different planes. Flying any of these newly created missions right after creation from ME has always been ok, but loading it again was the point. Maybe I didn't understand well what you have proposed.
  4. useful finding. It's worth going on there. I just wonder why we, the beta testers, should not only test the beta and report results but also find out WHY the beta software crashes.
  5. I'm with DCS since 2014. I never ever had any fatal CTD, maybe a handful insignificant software stops - in 7 years. (mainly caused by my mistakes) So far DCS has been proven to be robust and stable, a joy to play. And yes, that's fully true for all previous betas too. Even considering ist open beta, it's now going to be a little crazy. Some say repeatedly and monotonously: update to the latest OS and GPU drivers, others say go back and use the ancient Win 8 mode, and now they say: please don't update to the latest version. I am slowly losing faith that the 2.7 crash problem will be solved in the short term. I bought the HIND and am waiting for 2.7.xxxx stable.
  6. That's what amazes me. Obviously, by jumping from version 2.5.6. to version 2.7. elementary changes are made that should only work with latest W10. That was the plan. Ironically, 2.7 works now only crash free when playing DCS in W8 or W7 comp. mode. Crazy DCS world. I just hope the developers aren't as clueless as I am right now - I bet they are not.
  7. " . . . needs to babysit the software . . ." that's it, you hit the point. If a program only has fewer crashes when I have to apply all sorts of healing recipes, then it's not even in beta.
  8. At first I couldn't believe it and thought: what a crazy idea, the craziest of them all. In addition to 2.5.6. stable I have a second 1TB SSD with installed, as test system - which had multiple crashes, regardless of applying any of the multiple cure recommendations. Just for fun (what I thought initially) I recently started 2.7. in W8 comp. mode (64 bit, admin). I tried all possible "painful" startup options without implementing any of the many recommendations. Success . . . . no single crash for 2 days so far. Now I'm not only speechless but wondering what's going on here. Everyone from DCS strongly recommends installing the very latest updates for Win 10 and relevant graphics drivers, and then that. I don't know what else to do but I think it is worth investigating this "miracle" further. I would ask myself: What is different in W8 to W10 considering what is different from 2.5.6. to 2.7.xxxx EDIT: Please note: The "I'm running DCS in W8 / W7 comp. mode" idea is not mine. It has been reported here by various members.
  9. I like that good sense of humor. It makes the annoying crashes a little easier. I will also try your recipe with a garlic ring around my neck. But since we neither have a full moon nor can I see the moon, I will be flying in Win XP compatible mode.
  10. No way, I don't do that. I enjoy DCS 2.5.6. stable (in my case 100 % crash free so far) I enjoy the good things of DCS, even without spectacular clouds. When I read what recipes are suggested here to avoid crashes, I get even more gray hair . . . while I'm still alive. (btw, I have 2.7. on a second drive for test purpose and follow up)
  11. Did you have the "2nd load crash" before you switched to W7 comp mode?
  12. It's just unbelievable. Let's say that's the solution. Then the question must be: What is different from W10 to W7 or W8 that prevents the crashes in DCS? And what is different from 2.5.6 stable to 2.5.7.xxxx which seems to doesn't "like" the W10 but more the W7 or W8? (just to use simple words)
  13. just to understand: Does W7 or W8 comp modes give you zero crashes or do they help getting less crashes? How long have you tested the W7 and W8 comp modes?
  14. What about loading any of your saved missions? And, sorry . . . don't cheer too early, it's not all evening yet.
  15. just to confirm, are you on DCS ? Having any 2nd load crash?
  16. W8 comp. mode . . . ? W7 comp. mode . . . ? or even Windows XP? OMG. The further we go back, the better we go forward. That's bizarre even more if it could actually be true..
  17. "windows 8 compatibility mode" ?? Do you really mean that? If so, then the story turns out to be bizarre. What could the devs have done with the 2.7. update that we have to fall back on an antique Windows mode? In the meantime, the proposals for fighting crashes have reached wild proportions. From the simple "Empty xxx" recipes to the "96 hour marathon" session, which seems, btw, most likely to me. (without knowing why) Only the devs know what they did from 2.5.6. to 2.7.xxx. I expect them to solve the problem because they can. (And because I bought the hint, which requires version 2.7.xxx stable !) But I am concerned if that is what is being said by devs and beta testers: We cannot reproduce the crashes. That means in plain language, there is no solution, no quick solution.
  18. That’s exactly what I’ve asked myself. And, yes, that very fact has a meaning
  19. Your 96 hour marathon is a valuable argument, that makes me wonder. Leaving the PC running continuously cannot be a solution, but perhaps an indication of where the root of the problem is . . . . . . e.g. with regard to critical memory management, one could assume that when you log in again, a certain memory management setting is sent from DCS, which remains fixed as long as the game is open. That would also explain why there are various suggestions as to how best to quit the game so that memory management can be preserved. Meanwhile for me it's clear: We can rack our brains without really getting any closer to the cause. Only the devs know what they did from 2.5.6 to 2.7. and only they know what to do. But gradually I also believe what has been posted here, namely that the crash problem affects too few people and is not taken seriously.
  20. This is a finding that makes sense for the first time. Namely, it may explain the background most of the many workarounds suggested here. Behind the many workaround recipes suggested there seems to be always the problem of memory management, e.g. that there is not enough graphics memory available. Especially with regard to the new graphically intensive cloud display. In particular, the "second load crash" problem could be explained by the fact that the restart empties the full graphics memory. Just a guess. But how many people have a 12GB VRAM card?
  21. . . . only 110 people?!! Well, than everything must be fine. These 110 people are likely notorious naggers who want to turn a "minor bug" into a big deal. These naggers just want to make themselves important, don't they? really . . . ? Is that what you want to say? You forget the silent crowd that is too frustrated to post their experiences here. They have simply given up. And the many players who went back to version 2.5.6 stable and aren't beta testers anymore, so they don't post here anymore.
  22. I don't think the actual crashes affect only a minority of us. But even then, suppose there are only 100 of us who have problems after the 2.7. update, then the question must be: What is the root of the 2.7. beta update issues? What has changed fundamentally in comparison to 2.5.6. ? Isn't it precisely the function of a beta version that the developers carefully monitor any errors that occur? Even if only some but not all have these issues? Even if a majority have no problem, it should be important for the developers to see what effect a beta update has on different systems. I mean OUR systems, not the dev's' reference systems. Beta updates are for beta testers who have a wide range of differently configured PC systems. If a beta update makes flying impossible, then no players can test the beta version.
  23. Who uses fps limit? I never got more than about 40 fps, with 2.7. is it the same or rather less. I wish I could release any fps brake.
  24. So, may I assume, that your beta 2.7. works superb and stable? If so, you are the first on my new list of happy 2.7. beta tester. When this list reaches 100 names, I'll assume that something is wrong with my PC system and not with the 2.7. software. But, on the other hand, until 2.5.6. everything was also superb and stable here . . .
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