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  1. I thought the same too at first but, I was running a much lower SS setting in steam with DX12 on. I turned SS up to 100% and then forced DX11 on and that brought the visuals back up and kept my frame rate up/got rid of the stuttering. It's also possible this issue has been resolved with the latest drivers. I think it's also worth noting, I didn't have these problems when I was running a 1080ti. They only materialized when I got a 6800xt.
  2. You have to access it through Steam VR in the headset. With the headset on and Steam VR launched push the small button next to the window button on your WMR headset controller. This will bring up the steam VR menu. The 2nd or 3rd round button from the bottom left should be WMR settings. The force DX11 mode is nested in that menu somewhere. I've posted a better description previously if you want to search for it, it's been a hot second since I've accessed the setting.
  3. Right now for gaming the 5600X should be better then a 3900X due to clock speed and IPC. It really depends on the game though and how well it takes advantage of more cores. Most games don't benefit much from more then 4 cores with hyperthreading, however this paradigm is shifting ever so slowly in the industry. If you aren't doing productivity or streaming Gamers Nexus recommends the 5600X he believes you really don't need the extra cores, but this also takes into consideration cost. All that said, I doubt you will see much difference in DCS between these two CPU's.
  4. Thank you Bignewy for the update! Really looking forward to this being fixed for MP on larger servers. Right now it's just not playable.
  5. It "works" you just get a lot of artifacts (double images, blurred images etc). To be fair I haven't tried turning it back on since the last bios update, but the update notes didn't mention any improvements in motion smoothing support.
  6. Would also really like to see this addressed.
  7. Really hoping to get this bird by the end of the 1st quarter. It was originally supposed to be delivered by the end of last year.
  8. Here's hoping the BIOS update works as advertised.
  9. motion vector and motion smoothing (both frame interpolation methods I believe) as I understand it are both highly driver dependent. The AMD drivers aren't very good at motion smoothing, when compared to Nvidia. I've turned off all motion smoothing for all of my titles because it's so terrible (6800XT). Hopefully this will get better with new drivers.
  10. Had lots of trouble at first as well. Had to update to the latest bios (USB issues), set steam vr to force DX11, and set PCIE3x in the bios and all is good now. As a side note, the AMD drivers do not work as well with motion smoothing as nividia. I turned it off as there were way to many artifacts.
  11. Try updating your motherboard bios or forcing PCIE3 for your video card to fix your USB problem. This is a known issue with AMD and a fix is due in April via a bios update.
  12. Viper. Love the Tomcat but Jester/Radar kills it for me. I can never get a target lock in the tomcat, and if I were any any other full fidelity module, it would be a piece of cake to get a lock, but all I hear in the tomcat is "sorry can't do that", followed by everything going black from getting shot down.
  13. Thank you Buzybee that finally did the trick. Looks like I didn't move the folders to the correct root folder.
  14. As previously stated, I have tried re-installing and moving the folder that you mentioned per your instructions, all of which is on the sever computer, logged in as the admin/Sorta, none of which has worked. Tacview works just fine on the client computer. Are we certain there isn't some piece of code missing to hook tacview into running with the DCS server? Thanks again for your help.
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