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  2. With the lastest plugin of this evening (version 176791) all the crashes in 3dsmax2020 are fixed. Thanks Evgeny;)
  3. No Skate, this behaviour is always the same regardless object type: the primitive cube is only to simplify the actions of the video. I’ve contacted DGbambo that confirmed the bug and they are working on a fix. Another bug found is that if I choose Make Default for an argbased anim in the panel, at the next startup 3ds crash instantly: the only way to start again was to manually remove the plugin files from 3ds plugin folder, restore the Make default to another anim type, reinstall the plugin.
  4. Hi -Rudel-, 1 bug is out and now 1 bug is in... have you noticed that adding a new argument and animate it will crash immediately 3DS 2020 during saving?:cry: This is always reproducible (tested with another PC and member) with the steps here: -Open 3ds and setup a new scene (-100/100 timeframe) -Create a box -Assign a new Argbased argument (visibility track, position or rotation same behaviour) -Set Active and animate with autokey. -Save the file and 3DS will present an error and will stop. If not saved manually, 3DS will CTD when autosave function start saving the scene in backgrou
  5. Hi Silver_Dragon, really appreciate your work to keep updated the database;) For the MB-339A we are integrating the weapons inventory qualified by the italian manufacturer, as reported in official documentation, they are: Gunpod 30mm (DEFA 553) Gunpod 12.7mm (Browning AN/M3) LR-25 rocket pod with ARF/8M3 50mm rockets Bomb Rocket Dispenser BRD-4-250 (4* practice MK-76 or MK-106, and 2*50mm rockets) Then we have the canonical unguided 500lbs GP bombs: Mark82 (slick and snakeye) Other countries certified the use of some indigenous weapons that are already present in DCS arsenal, and w
  6. Ho alcuni componenti che non uso da diverso tempo ma tenevo in scatola con la speranza che un giorno mio figlio si appassionasse alle simulazioni di volo... TIR5 con track hat e track clip pro 130€ Thrustmaster rudder TFRP 70€ CH Combat stick USB + Pro Throttle USB in blocco 140€ (Made in USA) Tutta materiale in eccellente stato, in scatola originale e completa. Poi: HP Reverb Professional G1 rev.2 450€ (controller sigillati, non ha più di 20 ore di utilizzo, in garanzia fino 30/10/21, cambio per passaggio a G2) GPU Sapphire GTX 1080TI 11Gb 280€ (Preordine, disponibile quando riu
  7. Malesia ed UAE sono già presenti nel pacchetto, ma per vederle bisogna selezionare la nazione corrispondente nel mission editor. Al momento il pacchetto è già molto corposo, vedremo dopo l’uscita della Falklands se verrà aggiunto anche il Perù: un posticino dobbiamo trovarlo... Los Diablos Rojos ci starebbero a pennello. Per quanto riguarda livree fantasy ti invito a guardare nella libreria degli user files perché alcune sono davvero stupende.
  8. Thanks Rudel, in my 4K screen the new button toolbar was almost invisible.:P I've noticed that the options changed in preferences aren't stored: i.e., model scale is set default at 100:1, if I choose 1:1 then close and restart, the 100:1 setting returns.:huh:
  9. Still the 2020 plugin is buggy: the link doesn't open the toolbar so the preferences for exporter are not recheable. BTW, yes, you can export EDM format via 3ds menu.
  10. The plugin release of today is supporting 3dsmax 2020
  11. Dove vedere se riesco a trovare questo lavoretto di tempo addietro...:D
  12. Hi Doraymon, in DCS all the mods should be installed in a subfolder of Saved Games, that usually is a folder present in the same disk of the operative system (C: ). The installer is able to install in the correct folder since it reads from the registry the position of Saved Games. So, let the installer make its work: choose only the DCS version you are using (Stable or openbeta) and click install.:smilewink:
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