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  1. how can you write with markers in lock on???
  2. In my view diference between AFM and AM is just one letter A!!!
  3. I Don't know did you notice when you land there is on tower one red phone,u open canopy turn off engines and call 001-555-lockon.. After you do that u wait and some wehicles should come to your plane po fix tires. Altough if u your tires are damaged too much than they'll give you a call back with further instructions. Ah don't forget to leave your phone number with them, when u call em, so they can get back to you. S!
  4. I agree and would be good that ED also includes in cockpit like small window showing movement of enemy fighters.. Wouldnt be so much fun????
  5. lol can you imagine someone knocking on your door and you open dor wit that thing on your head hahahahahahaah... Can imagine face expresion on that person hahahaha.. Aliens arecoming and from Japan :)
  6. If you are Gosd u can make skin if not i dont see how can you make one
  7. You`ll need hammer and some nails to get it work.. Dont worry its not that hard, just nail em good...
  8. This game rules!!!!! Personaly i like to see good graphics in games, besides gameplay and Lock On deliver's it bouth which is really cool. I cant find sim that is so well done and i am shure BS will rock when out. Thumb up for ED Team !!!!
  9. Very nice vid GA, altough i am still downloading, but can`t be bad :)
  10. Hawg11, where did you find those pics i would like to know price of that thing.. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, just wish there is chait that has movements to fizically simulate flight buhahah..
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