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  1. Yes exactly this, the current default p51 skins have not been updated by ED for the "New" engine so there are plenty of issues
  2. Due to the way the ffb works it is not possible to engage the autopilot mode and have it not disengage in flight. This is because the autopilot moves the trim, which moves the stick as it does irl. But in game this is interpreted as me moving the controls and that disconnects the ap. A possible solution would be to ignore control inputs whilst the ap is on unless disengaged or cws is press (if the F14 has such a feature). This setting could be automatically applied if ffb is detected. Thanks.
  3. I assume you are already aware that the skins for the p51 are out dated from previous versions of the sim. All of them have their own issues, a simple fix would be contacting the skin makers from the user files section and putting them skins in the game by default.
  4. https://youtu.be/vaWHYbuKTd0 Please see video above containing audio issue.
  5. I assume someone at ED does since all the other aircraft have it implemented correctly? Seems odd to release the aircraft with it missing, especially when there isn't a confirmed feature list with each aircraft, I just have to hope it is included. Perhaps whilst they have a look at this ffb they can confirm if the mossie has it implemented for release?
  6. Hi, I have noticed when staring cold and dark when the rpm is near max there is a sound that starts looping and glitching, sounds like something clattering and rattling. It is very out of place and clearly a bug. Weirdly I noticed that pulling the rpm lever back with the throttle at max, then bringing the prop lever forwards fixes the issue!
  7. The next flying legends airshow will be at Sywell aerodrome. The fighter collection are still based at Duxford, just the airshow that isn't. That isn't to say Duxford still won't be putting on multiple airshows throughout the year as I believe they will.
  8. I have experienced this issue with my setup. It appears to go away after tabbing out or opening the advanced frame timing window in steam vr. It has only started happening recently. It has been triggered by me changing ipd, going on the map or changing aircraft. Any ideas to prevent this would be much appreciated.
  9. +1 for this, with some continuity amongst all modules that are applicable as new ones with features are added. Like the spitfire can be overprimed and has a hot start, but the p51 doesn't. Also would like some realism when it comes to starting them, it isn't realistic that they start perfectly each time...
  10. Could we have a progress update on this getting fixed for all the other aircraft like the spit and f86? It's really making vr in them less enjoyable!
  11. Hello, I am wondering if there are ever any plans to fix the wake turbulence? As in its current state it is best left off, especially regarding the effect It has aircraft on the ground with others flying overhead low or taking off.
  12. Hello, Please can you make sure the mossie doesn't have the same awful baked in textures as all the other aircraft. Or at least give the option on release to disable them as I am still waiting for that option on EVERY aircraft apart from the f16 and f18.
  13. AGAIN I jumped in the p47 today and have seen some dreadful looking baked in textures on the cockpit gauges and sight etc. Just like on every aircraft apart from the f16 and f18 which has the option to disable. Again, I asking you to please fix this. It is unacceptable in this day and age to use baked in reflections, it looks awful in VR. It can be done as when people complained about the issue in the f16 and f18 it was fixed rapidly, please sort this ASAP.
  14. Having the same issue trying to get other things fixed like the fact the yak52 was supposed to get its LOD model fixed 2 years ago and that was never done resulting in low fps in mp. Plus the baked in reflections that are not removable in a lot of aircraft. They just get ignored. I have been playing dcs from the beginning and it has been an uphill struggle since then.
  15. There is a sound issue with the CEII. Other players were using it in multiplayer and it drowned out the sound of every other aircraft. Please fix this immediately.
  16. Was this ever resolved? Flying around today and someone spawned in a yak and my fps dropped when looking at them. Unbelievable that things like this go unfinished.
  17. Not sure why it says this is wip since there simply put isn't one!
  18. Hi I tried using this mod and it seemed to make it worse with the latest version?
  19. Thing is this is an issue that has been around since the new lighting update... This should've been resolved before it was released. Along with the other lighting issues that came from this it adds to my disappointment.
  20. With the latest update I have noticed some different noises when taxing, again they seem to be way louder than the engine. There is a noise which sounds like an audio glitch that I have made go away in the air by cycling the prop. please see the attached video. https://youtu.be/vaWHYbuKTd0
  21. I set it to 0 and the sound was still present. I am the only user on the pc and I use this dcs game directory for liveries etc so it is correct. I have installed no sound mods and it is a fresh dcs install. I am noticing the loud tire noise on lots of aircraft like the bf109 and now the p51 in external view. Hope you can help.
  22. Depends on the aircraft. If you are in the f18 you wont as it has an option to disable. However as with a lot of these product, they get left behind.
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