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  1. They have rubbed enough salt in the wounds, although at this point them trying to sell us a yak 52 II with the promise of it being fixed wouldn't suprise me. Heck they might even fit the unfinished ns430 to it as the icing on the cake!
  2. Can someone please look into this from ED and fix.
  3. Is this being investigated? Not sure why it is marked as "opinion" becuase it is not.
  4. Would love this fixed also
  5. The issue with the sounds has now progressed to drowning out other aircraft in multiplayer.. A CEII shouldn't be louder than 2 p-51s
  6. It is so disappointing to see it all laid out like that. No comment from ED on this either. I remeber sometime near the end of the year one of them stated some of the team would be working on the yak at the start of this year, which then was pushed back further. It seems they are treating customers like mugs and take advantage of people's willingness to take a gamble on early access.
  7. Glad to see it isn't just me having this issue. Yeah that's the only solution I have found to stop it just to test I set my page file stupidly high and no difference. Seems like a memory leak associated with vr
  8. The whole physics of aircraft flying off field needs to be looked into. I imagine it is at the bottom of the list of priorities however. Some aircraft like the f18 for some reason can taxi, land on any grass, even almost 80° slopes on Mountian sides! But then other aircraft touch the grass and either explode, stick to it, or get stuck. The warbirds which should be fine on grass have a very weird feeling where the grassy areas are glue like and the aircraft easily crash. We need some consistency with what should/shouldn't work. Then the ability to add off airport operations would work muc
  9. Do you have the flicker on other objects like the canopy, light housings as well? I seem to get that, the airscrew fixes the prop issue but not this secondary issue for me
  10. If there is an issue please post it in a seperate bug thread. Let's keep the focus on this thread in wondering where the progress is!
  11. hazzer

    FFB trim

    Right... But it is a feature of the sim you are making aircraft for so you should support it.
  12. This issue with the prop and canopy is still present in the latest open beta. Please fix ASAP.
  13. What I find completely unacceptable is that we haven't had any response from ED on this and any other unfinished module. Whilst they are busy parading the next big module. I don't know what the allocation of tasks is like amongst the team but they really need to focus on fixing and actually finishing one module at a time.
  14. Yeha that's correct. What is strange is that in dcs one ipd setting doesn't match all the aircraft. So one setting works for the a10 but no the p51. That is due to an error on EDs part.
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