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  1. Same in single player or multiplayer
  2. I have no problem dropping fuselage bombs, but wing bombs are always stuck in the plane when I'm in cold start
  3. Playing in MP I have some problems with DL, in cold start everything is fine, but then I land then rearm - refuel, takeoff again and the datalink don't show any contact (friend or foe) after a couple of minutes the contacts are there again and after some more seconds disappear again. Is this a know bug? or is not a bug?
  4. Yes, I also try different targets red or blue and the result is the same. This module needs a lot of more work, specially for the new AI
  5. the AI can't see ground units in the coast of the island in day light and very close distance, also I tried in the top of a flat hill and same result, also I'm trying in areas without vegetation or palms that cover the vision and the same result, I think I saw in other forum this same issue with some other players
  6. After new Patch the AI can not see any ground targets, specially in the Mariana Island.
  7. Could be possible to rearm refuel without using the FARP, only on the ground with this module.? Thanks
  8. the gun doesn't work for me after the last patch, air to ground mode is always stuck, won't fire in dive but work fine climbing
  9. Works fine in hot when the plane start in the air but I have issues in cold start from the ground, the Maverick don't synch with the Maverick, I don't know is this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong ?
  10. Don't know why but the wingman AI start up and then shut down the engines ? never take off with me
  11. I always use the Store Alignment, also I tried waiting 8 minutes and the same result
  12. I don't know why but the HUD cross for CCIP bombing is not straight anymore, always goes to the right side, not align!
  13. Yes after the update the problem still there :(
  14. no recognition for any of the supercarrier commands "salute" "see you at ten"...etc, the classics commands works fine
  15. Did you try air refuel with this one, doesn't work for me with the Viper :noexpression:
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