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  1. Passed mission w/ open beta. Looks good!
  2. +1 Same. Running open beta.
  3. Version I did a repair no luck. As for the practice missions, I haven't seen one of those since I started the advanced course.? The .miz files are there they are just not generating between the Q flights.
  4. Sorry wrong title here, Mission AFT04 is what I'm referring to. Played msn all the way through multiple times. Everything goes well until shutdown. I never receive a rating and the mission does not advance... enjoying the campains, Thanks for all the hard work!
  5. 2.5.1 Mission #14 (Deep Cover) The B-52 strike misses 15-20 of the troops advancing to angel, and then the Buff's have an collision. The mission then stalls. :l Fantastic campaign! Thanks for all the effort and hard work on this!
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