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  1. ok good to know .. of course I really like it the cockpit looks nice good vision, all is almost under hands , instrument are visible and at the right place it's one of my favorite aircraft ..
  2. Well Against AI it's ok as they repeat almost all time the same tactic but well they have eyes at 360° and flight pefectly at the limit of the airplane .. so it could be difficult .. :)
  3. Hi I do a quick video And some time I am in a high pitch rate and i think i start to loose lift and (stall) start to roll on a wing. But If I set flaps 1 it's better but I loose speed/acceleration. Question is ON SIM: is that more easy to use flaps one sometimes in combat or flaps 1 during all fight REALITY: when I see where is the flaps lever in the real p-51 I don t think it's made to be used in fight, right ? thanks for your help
  4. Yes they have torpedos 2 each (it's a group of 4) mission is anti ship strike is that correct ? yes it's red airplanes against blue ship so it' seems to be good Target are 4 big ships but they are moving .. and i just saw in the latest change log ''Torpedoes from U-boat or S-boat could be fired to unmoved targets only'' ok not for JU but I will check again .. not easy ..
  5. Hello I try to build a mission I place 3 ships and 4 ju 88 are supposed to attack them I set ''antiship strike'' select the right ship group .. there are no other plane nothing ! but the the ju 88 team turn back and go for landing when they reach the last waypoint where the anti ship run is supposed to start I also try with ground attack .. but it still the same so is that possible ? thanks for your help
  6. Well as i speak french if it s like SIRI or this kind of stuff i Would be killed before get any help for my buddy And the Sd XL have 32 keys with many layers so not so bad for almost everything Thanks
  7. Hello quick question I try to match the communications key who are almost the same for each aircrafts but i have a small issue exemple: ''attack my target '' LWin + B (maybe not B but not important) in game when I type this combo in my keybord on a spitfire it work I hear the message on radio and wingmann confirm . By pressing the shortcut on my streamdeck nothing is working .. I have the latest software and i use '' modifier L + R '' is check did someone have the same issue ? thanks
  8. Hello Some questions about replay track .. something I found is if I use dcs bios to make input in the F18 track is not usable it's like if all inputs from dcs bios are not seen ok I can understand So I try without DCS bios better but far away from ''good'' i will say. So I try some more tips like start a mission in multiplayer in a privater server and then repla it ! but I can see all airplane except mine is that normal ?? because in this video it seems to work
  9. :megalol: nice landing by the way ... :joystick:
  10. Thnaks Jester you are right I unzip the file but it was in is own folder .. I was thinking it was ok so I remove the wrong folder and now ... no more error !!! Many thanks good job Jul
  11. ok Here you can see a quick video of my ''SOCAT'' problem the mesage is a mix between french and english but anyway, as you can see I get this message with the latest version I use 0.7.26 but if I start serial command with my oldest version of DCS Bios everything is working well https://youtu.be/ImzhoopJklQ and an other video quick tour of my WIP sim .. sorry for my accent anf low english skills :megalol: https://youtu.be/eD3HDpI32Ao Thanks
  12. I add this librairy and its resolve some error message but some new appears so well i will wait and jump in a next version well what i do is take a lover version 0.7.26 and compilation inside arduino IDE work well I still have a SOCAT error when I start SERIAL COM PORT I select my port which is 6 then the countdown goes and at zero I get an error But when I start the serial port command from my old DCS Bios version all work fine which is good .. So tonight I do a quick video of the error and a bit of my WIP pit Thanks for all As I speak french it's not so easy a
  13. Thanks That's seems to be my problem Good good I will check that !!
  14. Thanks Hansolo I will check more tonight at home .. and try to erase and reinstall arduino ide and reinstall the librairies .. Thanks
  15. ok I move Socat folder on the right place but still some probleme something is wrong as my error message come from ARDUINO iDE when I try to push the code to the card it s an arduino uno on com 3 but even if i send the basics i get this error /* Tell DCS-BIOS to use a serial connection and use the default Arduino Serial library. This will work on the vast majority of Arduino-compatible boards, but you can get corrupted data if you have too many or too slow outputs (e.g. when you have multiple character displays), because the receive buffer can fill up if the sketch spends too
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