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  1. Hello friends, I am looking for a F18 Super Carrier TUTORIAL from ENTERING the Marshal area to all the way to a case 1 landing (recovery). Can any of you brother or sisters point me to a youtube video with that topic or something similar?
  2. Is it possible to see the new clouds without going to Mission Editor; that is, can I see the clouds in "Instant Action," "Create Fast Mission," or "Mission"? I just want to see the new clouds.
  3. Where are my purchased planes I just got the G2 and I immediately downloaded DCS vr Steam version. I started the game, in Steam, but I get no F18, Super Carrier, not even a way to install them in Steam VR . Help please.
  4. Thanks Thanks for the info. I think I will wait for DCS to come up with a solution/fix.
  5. Kengou, thanks a lot. I might have to learn how to populate an airport.
  6. Hello fellow simmers; I would like to know if there is a land base airport, in any theater, with as much aircraft activity as on the Supercarriers? The stock airbases are so barren and lifeless, other than the static aircraft. I like the idea of human movement as well as aircraft landing and takeoff. Thanks in advance.
  7. Nightstalker's post is the real topic Unfortunately, I have been listening to the back and forth of so many post here. I have come to the conclusion that many of us, though unwillingly, subject ourselves to illogical and seriously flawed argumentation. ED is, in fact, doing what any monopoly does in a profits first economy; they are merely practicing the main constituent of Corporate Capitalism. The problem, as stated by Nightstalker, is competition, which is the corner stone of capitalism. It is not only our right to complain, but it is our duty. It is the pressure, not the acquiescence, that gets things done effectively and efficiently. Has anyone on this site ever attempted to speculate the amount of money ED has made over the years. We are the customers and we deserve respect, not just from ED, but from all institutions that strictly adhere to a concept completely devoid of moral business consciousness.
  8. Thanks to all of you. Today, I begin my journey to multiplayer heaven. One last thing, can anyone recommend a site which specifically pair advance players with newbies?
  9. SRS Thanks Dooom. One more question, is Discord and SRS the same thing or does one work inside the other or, are they completely different programs? I am just getting myself familiar with some of the many terms used in the genre. Note: is it OK if I, every now and then, ask a question of you, for additional help? By the way, I have been playing DCS way back when it was called Lock-On.
  10. Hi everyone; last week I installed SRS, got it running and everything. My first attempt at multiplayer left me full of fear. I am a retired senior, and I am not sure if I really understand the gibberish I saw when clicking "Multiplayer" inside of DCS World. Is there a site or a few brave souls willing to help a brother out in figuring out the mess I have gotten myself into. When I saw the many different servers, I freaked out and ran, and this was last week. Today I finally gathered up the courage to ask for help. Help help help williehayesjr@gmail.com. Any suggestions, sites, documentations or other types of help is welcomed--I am begging.
  11. F/A-18C Training Tutorial Jizzbomb, I have been asking the same question. I am not sure if ED is in the business of making chronologically sequential training tutorials. Such a tutorial is a needed product which would benefit both beginners and our more advance players. If there is anyone out there that think this is a task to take on, I can assure you that all newcomers will flock to purchase your product. Could you imagine walking up to your aircraft, with your instructor and a course syllabus, climbing in and starting up your jet for your first lesson at a land base and subsequently a Carrier. Such a program, if in dept, can demand a price equal to the cost of a DCS jet. I know I would purchase it, even before I buy another new Jet--maybe that is why I have not purchase anything after the F/A-18C and the pre-purchased Carrier.
  12. Using Simple Radio Standalone for Battery Powered COMM 1 I just watched a new video on using the simple radio without starting an engine. My only problem is that I do not know how to put in the tower radio freq, which is require, when I play an "Instant Action" cold and dark start. I would think that if I create a mission, I could insert the Tower Freq in the Mission Editor.
  13. Hello sisters and brothers. I am wondering if there is recent electronic documentation or manual on the Litening Pod. I did not see a section for it in the F-18 manual. I know I can find many videos, but I would like to learn and understand this pod a little more in dept than is presented in the videos. Thanks in advance.
  14. I too would like to eventually join an online squadron. However, I am very apprehensive about joining anything. Is it possible for me to just join a server, solely as an observer. As an observer, can I use F2 and F3 to listen to, to look around and follow some of the players? I think I would like that a lot, if it is possible.
  15. sk000tch, thank you. Your argument is so convincing, I will contact hoggit, this weekend, for suggestions on how to get set up. Again, thanks so much.
  16. I guess I may have to try MP. I have always been reluctant to use MP because of my time. I have since retired and I may seriously reconsider it.
  17. Are there any DCS World F/A-18 missions with the human player as wingman? It would seem as though a beginning player should start off as a wingman and not a lead. Thanks in advance.
  18. I am a retired professor who has an undergrad in Business and a graduate degree in Business Ethics and it pains me to see willful ignorance in commerce. Is it really much to ask for a peak, a test drive, an example, a taste, or even a product review before buying. Here is a secret to our present frustrations: if it is one thing I learn about capitalism, is that it can not and will not best operate, for all concern, in the absence of competition. These are the cards we have been dealt. So act accordingly.
  19. Thanks =4c=Nikola. You have given me just what I needed. One last thing, which beginners' site would you recommend?
  20. Hey razo+r; thank you for responding. However, my post is not as clear as it should have been--sorry. First, I meet or even exceed the hardware requirements. Secondly, what I ment to ask was, what other Hardware/software is required, e.g., connection software, speech/communication software/hardware, type of Mic and/or Headphones, etc.? I would like to have everything I need before attempting to connect to an online server. Thanks again Razo+r.
  21. Hello Brothers and Sisters. Lately I have been contemplating online play. It looks like it would be the ultimate in combat flying. In the past, I have not always had the time. My question is, if I decide to join online play, what hardware/software would I need?
  22. Hey brothers and sisters; Can we all get together and ask ED to collect a few of the in-game video clips, from the beta testers, and show them to us. Maybe a video a week could by release just to show us what we have paid for. I bet that will stop some of the bitchin' going around.
  23. Beta testers Hello brothers and sisters; I hate to be a doubting Thomas, but are there any Beta testers testing the Carrier module? Moreover, are the testers making ingame video for the buying public? I love this simulator (not a game) so much, I just realized, I have broken my cardinal consumer rule: never buy sight unseen or in this case untested. I know ED gives us videos, but are there any videos made by anyone other than the DCS creators? Please forgive me if it sounds like I am nagging.
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