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  1. Great trailer Johnny K. Look forward to the full video!:thumbup:
  2. Amazing shots, great skin.Jaw dropper!
  3. Who said anything about only combat advantages?There are other areas to compare.Whatever advantages one has over the other, big or small, many or few, are indeed, distinct.And in fact, I said that these sorts of maneuvers, however impressive they are, are of little use in a real life combat situation.Don't pretend to know how impressionable I am, or what I know.;)
  4. I love both the F-22 AND the Su-27.Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages against each other.I am sure the F-22 is capable of a lot more than we know, but in that video, it barely matched, let alone "destroyed" anything.No where near what a lot of videos of the Su-27 show :megalol: I didn't read through a lot of these pages, but as for which is better, who knows.Like anything else, it would all come down to pilot skill, and who see's who first.(That part gives the 22 a very large advantage, but it never guarantees a win)I don't see the use of Cobra's and slow high AoA maneuvers in
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