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  1. Hi guys,


    I am amazed of the liveries level submitted so far. Congratulations to all participants. 


    It is hard for me to decide which livery to submit because I made a total of 33 liveries for the P-47, all Brazilians. As I couldn't decided which one was the best, I decided to present four of them and let the judges evaluate them. I updated them to vs 2.0 so it is on the requested specs.  Here we go with picture, link and what about each livery:


    ------------ First Livery -------------




    Link: P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq-Jambock A1 - Menezes (update vs 2.2)

    About this Livery:
    The livery is as historical as possible.
    Warrant Officer Diomar Menezes came to the squadron as one of the very few replacement and flew 71 missions in combat. His plane was a Silver "A1" P-47D-30-RE SN 42-0854, callsign "Red One". He took over this plane after the Flight Lead became sick. He flew it until the War end. This is the most download of my liveries so far.



    ------------ Second Livery -------------




    Link: P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq - Jambock A4 - 2nd Lt Torres (update vs 2.2)

    About this Livery:
    The livery is as historical as possible.

    2nd Lt Torres flew 99 combat missions during WWII in Italy (plus onde defensive not included in the grand total). Before that he flew coastal patrol in Brazil. On July, 31st, 1943, he sunk the German U-Boat U-199 with a Catalina named "ARARA" just south of Rio de Janeiro Coast. 43 german submariners died, but 12 survived, including the captain. If you are curious, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-199

    During WWII, Torres managed to be the pilot that flew the most sorties, a total of 99 offensive and 1 defensive (not included on his grand total).

    This airplane was a P-47D-25-RE SN 42-26756. There is a pair of pictures of this airplane as portrait in this livery. Torres used for a while the word "TROZOBA" on its nose, but it was removed later on. "TROZOBA" is a Brazilian slang that means something like "masculine organ" (but not in an offensive way). The airplane did not have an insignia under his left wing nor on the top of the right one. At the point of the included picture, he had flow 30 missions. And, yes, the "A" letter was misaligned.

    He retired right after the war as a Captain. He was a manager in several companies as Texaco, VASP airlines and founded in Brazil "BRINKS", an huge securities carrier and security company. He married, had 5 sons and 9 grandsons. Alberto Martin Torres died on December 2001 and as per his request, his ashes were dropped by plane over Rio de Janeiro Guanabara bay.



    ------------ Third Livery -------------





    Link: P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq - Jambock Arlette - 1st Lt Miranda Correa (update vs 2.2)


    About this Livery:
    The livery is as historical as possible. After evaluating the photograph evidence, I concluded that the name ARLETTE was in white, not yellow.

    1st Lt Miranda Correa flew 8 combat missions during WWII. He flew very few sorties because he was the Squadron Inteligence officer. When the squadron received the airplanes in October, 44, few pilots decided to customize their planes. Lt Miranda named his plane to his wife, Arlette, and placing a pin-up bellow the canopy. The Squadron CO, Cel Nero Moura, did not like the idea and the customizations was promptly removed. At the time of the famous "Arlette" photo, it had only 3 missions so far.
    Eventually, this airplane would be shot down by flak flying as Green Six (D6).

    He was fortunate to let him fly a bit as he was an important piece of the squadron. This airplane was a P-47D-25-RE SN 42-26773.There is a famous picture of this airplane. Miranda Correa survived the war, remarried three times and had only one son. He ended his Air Force Career as a General.



    ------------ Fourth Livery -------------




    Link: P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq - Jambock - Olive Drab - S/N 42-26770 (update vs 2.2)

    About this Livery:
    The livery is a generic representation of the 1st Brazilian Squadron P-47s. It has no Serial Number painted. It is in dirty conditions.



    A bit more about the 1st Brazilian Squadron History:

    The First Brazilian Fighter Group was created in 1943. The training was performed by the Forward Echelon in Florida, then as a Group in P-40s in Aguadulce, Panama, and Sulfolk, New York, flying P-47s. It had a Squadron size. 
    During the World War II , the Group was attached to the 350th Fighter Group in Italy as the 4th squadron (1944-1945). It was based initially in Tarquinia and later in Pisa. Due to low on replacements, the pilots extended the Tour of Duty until the war end.
    "Jambock" was the callsign used by the Brazilian Fighter Group during the war and still is in used today (flying F-5EM and F-5FM). "Jambock" name has an Indonesian/South African origin (sjanbok or Sambok) and means "animal skin or wood whip". It was a kind of whip.

    The Patch on the nose means:
    - Ostrich - Brazilians can take and handle anything;
    - Hat - The Brazilian Air Force Pilot;
    - Shield - The Thunderbolt toughness and the Pilot protection;
    - Blue and the 5 Stars - Brazilian Sky and the "South Cross constellation";
    - Pistol - the Jug fire-power;
    - Cloud - the airspace, "the pilot's floor";
    - Red Background - the blood of the Brazilians WIA and KIA;
    - "Senta a Púa!" - Group Motto and means "Go for it!" in a "free translation";
    Later, after the war, it was added a Flak Cloud to represent the enemy AAA.


    This is my way to honor the WWII Veterans, including the Brazilians. I had the privilegie to meet  several of them. I am sure the Brazilian DCS community will enjoy one of these liveries as "Official".


    Good luck to all participants!


    "Alea Jacta Est!"

    ps: A1 was update on Feb, 15th with a new rudder paint job.

    ps2: All four liveries were updated for the new template released on 15Feb2021.

    ps3: All four liveries were updated to vs 2.2 to correct many errors.


    All the best,



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  2. On 8/31/2020 at 10:18 AM, Supmua said:

    Try this. I'm at work so can't test any of this but it should give you a general idea of how to proceed.


    1. In Windows display settings, change main panel res to 2560x1440

    2. In Cubesim lua, change Center width, height to 2560, 1440

    3. In DCS settings, change display resolution to 2560+800+800+800, 1440




    I just would like to say thank you for the tips. It helped a lot for my set up. Interesting is that I run on 3840x2160, corrected for 2 mfd screens (+1600) and it runs fine, around 35fps+. in very few instances I saw a drop to 25~29fps. I tried the 2560x1440 (plus correction) and saw no real gain in fps, so I returned to 4k.


    Anyway, thank you for the post and messages.


    All the best,



  3. 12 hours ago, PB0_CEF said:

    Brand new DCE Campaign by Roll : Hot War In The Cold :

    1981 Leonid Brejnev, sick, cannot prevent the slow disintegration of USSR. Baltic states secede in july, then the -Baltic Spring- spreads everywhere. In september Georgia takes independence, Armenia and Azerbaijan follow suit. Iran immediately seizes the opportunity to push its pawns, and islamist shiite militias initiate a push to the north, approaching Tbilissi s suburbs by autumn. On Turkish side, the Cyprus conflict left deep scars and, considering both USSRs weakening and NATOs ambiguous attitude towards its conflicting memebers -Turkey and Greece-, the country has decided to leave NATO and evacuate its american airbases by the end of 1980. USA were at first quite virulent, but an expected deal was settled with Turkeys pledge not to support Irans islamic revolution. Acting with complete duplicity, new turkish president initiated its own territorial conquest by invading Georgia in December 1981, committing this country to fight on two fronts.

    Look at my first post for links. It's really a novel campaign style :thumbup:



    Pretty cool, Thanks!

  4. On 2/2/2021 at 12:00 PM, Sydy said:


    I flew Mission 5 today (the exposure to the Flanker) and Nelles never answered on CH 4 nor 256.0. I had to use UHF 327.0 to get an answer.






    Same happened on Mission 8 (SEAD). I had to tune 327.0 as CH 4 was not answering. Darkstar was ok. No tanker contact needed.


    Take care,



  5. On 1/12/2021 at 7:48 AM, Furiz said:

    Thnx for reply


    It would be a nice feature to have the ability to save those missions and multi player missions, so you can basically have a few sessions with friends on a mission that continues.





    That is possible with DCE Campaigns. I’ve done some campaigns with friends, specially F-5E Desert campaign.


    All you have to do is to select multiplay and number of slots when you run the mission setup. It saves everything.


    All the best,



  6. On 12/21/2020 at 6:44 AM, trace said:

    Good morning Sydy, 

    thanks a lot. Beeing honest we had hard nights to get to this point, but it was it worth.

    Nice to read you like it. Thanks again.

    If we do following prints for interested guys we still need to keep in mind the print time of 44hrs per pair and further manual Processing to achieve the outstanding rigidity and keeping the shown quality. We use a special filament which is not easy to use, but gives a nice metal like finish.

    Think it won't be that much more or maybe equal.


    If you want it, send a PM and we are answering quick.


    Best regards trace


    Nice city and Aircraft in your profile




    Tks Trace, I will PM you.

  7. On 1/3/2021 at 4:54 PM, Vantskruv said:


    Okay, got it working now. Needed to do 2 things plus 1 which I did earlier, and maybe a fourth thing:

    1. Create a folder named Active in your Campaign folder.

    2. Create a folder named Debriefing in your Campaign folder.

    (The folder structure should look like the attached image file in this post)


    3. Download the updated EventsTracker.lua file (and replace the original one as instructed) from user @kgd192 from this post (I guess then you need to fully specify the DCS saved games folder in the path.bat file in the Init folder):


    4. Maybe run FirstMission.bat manually from command prompt in the campaign folder.



    Hi Vantskrv,


    Outstanding tip! Thank you. Now all my DCE campaigns are working fine.


    Tks a lot!

  8. 50 minutes ago, Rudel_chw said:


    Beautiful liveries, also a nice touch to include a bit of their history 👍  ... wish I had your photoshop abilities, to do something similar with my country's Thunderbolts (tough Chilean aircrafts were all post war and never saw combat). Cheers. 🙂


    Hi Rudel,


    Thank you! I saw one of your Jugs in the Santiago Museum. They have some nice pieces there.


    All the best,



  9.  Now, some Generic Planes:


    Jambock Generic Silver








































    Jambock Olive Drab





































    Jambock Olive Drab - Brand New - Just received from Reposition Depot



  10. Now, Green Flight


    Jambock D1 - Pessoa Ramos








































    Jambock D2 - Assis


































    Jambock D3 - Perdigao

































    Jambock D4 - Rui Moreira Lima






































    Jambock D5 - Meira






































    Jambock D6 - Coelho





  11. Now, Blue Flight:


    Jambock C1 - Fortunato





































    Jambock C2 - Horacio































    Jambock C3 - Neiva

































    Jambock C4 - Correa Netto





































    Jambock C5 - Lima Mendes



































    Jambock C6 - Goulart



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