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  1. Hi Bozo, Were you the guy that fly by the twr on the topgun movie? I remember the callsign. Awesome flying on the movie. Take care, Sydy
  2. Gents, I just would like to say thank you for the tips. It helped a lot for my set up. Interesting is that I run on 3840x2160, corrected for 2 mfd screens (+1600) and it runs fine, around 35fps+. in very few instances I saw a drop to 25~29fps. I tried the 2560x1440 (plus correction) and saw no real gain in fps, so I returned to 4k. Anyway, thank you for the post and messages. All the best, Sydy
  3. Bunyap, Same happened on Mission 8 (SEAD). I had to tune 327.0 as CH 4 was not answering. Darkstar was ok. No tanker contact needed. Take care, Sydy
  4. Nice! Count on me! I am loving it!
  5. Hi, I flew Mission 5 today (the exposure to the Flanker) and Nelles never answered on CH 4 nor 256.0. I had to use UHF 327.0 to get an answer. Tks Sydy
  6. Hi Bunyap, I just started the campaign and flew two missions. It is amazing the quality and how well preppared it is. Congratulations. All the best, Sydy
  7. Hi giullep, I just flew the first mission. Std radios worked fine for me. Did you tune on radio 1 CH 4 for start up, CH 16 for Darkstar and on Radio 2 did you leave 127.0? Remember to set your controls correctly to call COMM 1 and COMM 2. Good luck. Sydy
  8. Mine are smaller that that, Around 40mb each. Aren’t you forgetting to compress them?
  9. Fury, That is possible with DCE Campaigns. I’ve done some campaigns with friends, specially F-5E Desert campaign. All you have to do is to select multiplay and number of slots when you run the mission setup. It saves everything. All the best, Sydy
  10. Hi, I flew them both. It trains two different aspects of Air Combat. BFM trains a close arena and Guns aspects in a DACT scenario. ACM uses a wingman against two adversaries also in a DACT arena. I have the campaign in my YT channel if you want to check them out. https://youtu.be/4njHGmTVmyw All the best, Sydy
  11. I did my share: - 2 Campaigns released; - 1 Kneeboard checklist covering all models; - 1 Template for MFD Cougars; - 33 Skins. Well, that’s so far.
  12. Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\P-47D-30bl1
  13. Hi Vantskrv, Outstanding tip! Thank you. Now all my DCE campaigns are working fine. Tks a lot!
  14. Hi Rudel, Thank you! I saw one of your Jugs in the Santiago Museum. They have some nice pieces there. All the best, Sydy
  15. Now, some Generic Planes: Jambock Generic Silver Jambock Olive Drab Jambock Olive Drab - Brand New - Just received from Reposition Depot
  16. Now, Green Flight Jambock D1 - Pessoa Ramos Jambock D2 - Assis Jambock D3 - Perdigao Jambock D4 - Rui Moreira Lima Jambock D5 - Meira Jambock D6 - Coelho
  17. Now, Blue Flight: Jambock C1 - Fortunato Jambock C2 - Horacio Jambock C3 - Neiva Jambock C4 - Correa Netto Jambock C5 - Lima Mendes Jambock C6 - Goulart
  18. Now, Yellow Flight: Jambock B1 - Armando Jambock B2 - Pessoa Ramos Jambock B3 - Canario Jambock B4 - Dornelles - Brazilian Air Space Museum - Rio de Janeiro Jambock B4 Silver - Dornelles Jambock B5 - Rocha Jambock B6 - Lara
  19. Now, Red Flight: Jambock A1 - Menezes Jambock A2 - Kopp Jambock A3 - Eustorgio Jambock A4 - Torres Jambock A5 - Rittmeister Jambock A6 - Keller
  20. Hi Guys, Manage to finish the entire 350th Group - 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron - Jambock - Air planes. I will list the bellow. First the Leading planes Lt Col Nero Moura XO Lagares - Dornelles final aircraft. Second 2 - Olive Drab - Airplane that Cadet Danilo Moura was shot down. Intelligence Officer - 1st Lt Miranda Bellow I will add Red, Yellow, Blue and Green Flights.
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