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  1. Hi guys, I though I had reached my "sweetspot", but probably because I never had an Overclock Orgasm! LOL :D :D:D:D:D It happened and thanks to your directions! As I said, I'd give it a go again about XMP, so here is what I did: - reboot and got into BIOS; - Loaded default values with F5; - Changed only AI OVerclock to X.M.P. - Saved and Exit (I was going to wait the recommended BitMaster 10 min). To my surprised, the boot was completely normal!!! I was mesmerized! I ran AI Suit 3 and checked the DDR4 at 3600Mhz! NICE! Then I ran AI Suit 3 "5 Step Performance optimization". - Hang on the first boot, I reseted it; - It booted a couple of times more and got to the Win Login windows. After that I noticed the CPU went up to 4.9Gz, but DDR4 came down to 2933Mhz... I decided to boot again and go into bios. - Changed AI Overclock from manual (set by AI Suit) to XMP and it got back to 3.600Mhz. With this, I was satisfied: CPU at 4.9Ghz and DDR4s at 3600Mhz. Checked the voltages and they were close to the values BitMaster said. Agreed, After reading some posts in the forum, I concluded the same thing, so I changed it a bit. Here are the results. If you see something, tell me and I am willing to hear your advices. Programs I ran on the test to make it as real ops as possible: - Asus AI Suit 3 - EVGA Precision XOC - Track Ir - Fraps - SimShaker for Aviators (with the jetseat operational) - DCS 1.5.6 and 2.1 (of course) :doh: - CAM Kraken 62 monitoring program. (Just for the sake of it, but I won't use it anymore) This is my 1.5.6 setup so you can compare with 2.1 DCS 2.1.0 Settings (I tunned it down a bit. Consider: Anis. Filtering and MSAA OFF and Heat Blur Low) Now the settings are quite good. CPU set to 4.9Ghz, running in 4.8Ghz according to AI suit and, thanks BitMaster, DDR4 running at 3.600Mhz. Note I took a wider picture so you can see FRAPs FPS on the lower left corner of the main monitor. This is Nevada, flying over the desert. General view of results and cockpit. Flying low over Las Vegas, pretty demanding. Flying down Las Vegas Strip with 38fps is not that badLOL Final Rwy 21R Nellis is giving me something like 42 fps. I tested Normandy map a bit less, but the results were pretty similar, sometimes 3-5fps lower than Nevada, but smoother than before. Other thing I noticed after tunning it, I do not get the temperature spike with Mirrors on Normandy anymore. I thank you guys, once again, for your advices and help. I can not express my gratitude for your time and patience, my only promisses is to pass the good forward! :D I hope this post works to somebody else. All the best, Sydy
  2. Hi David, Good! I was coming here just to post a test I just ran. I just set on 2.1: - Anisotropict Filtering OFF - MSAA OFF - Heat Blur LOW Checked FXAA ON on Nvidia Control Panel. Just to make a long report short, I got at least 20FPS extra. Sometimes I get 30+ FPS extra. For now I will keep 2.1 like that until ED changes Deferred Shading. Btw, I do not get the CPU temp spike anymore when using the mirrors in Normandy. Go figure! :pilotfly: 2.1 is running aroun 45-75fps... A lot smoother.. 1.5.6. is pretty stable and got FPS wise got both versions on equivalent performance. David_OC, that's my problem, when CM renames the device to CM DEVICE 1, 2, 3, WIndows 10 gets confused and it simply doesn't show any joystick at all. So, that's a deal braker for me. I do have all my planes mapped already and I love to use CM, but this is consuming... I decided to keep as it is for the next couple of months (I will be working a lot anyway) and around september I will get a new A-10 Warthog. The set I have is quite old, around 10+ years of use and some of the Potenciometers are getting spikes. I am not in the mood to open this thing to change the POs to keep a set that I can not program and use the way I like. Anyway, life goes on... I still want to try one more time BitMaster Advice: BitMaster, at least I am using AI Suit now! :) I will work on it a bit more! Thank you both! All the best, Sydy
  3. Nope... This is my 3rd CH set. First one was gameport and on my 2nd USB set.. First one died because of "mistreatment" flying IL2 too much... Anyway, life goes on!
  4. Hi guys, I think I managed to stabilize my system. Although I received outstanding tips from BitMaster and David_OC, I couldn't make it happen for pure inexperience with OC. This is my very first computer that I try to do it. So I went to the "naive" mode and installed two apps. The EVGA Precision XOC to manage my GPU and Asus AI Suite 3 to optimize and manage my mother board. In the end the result was quite satisfactory: The GPU is using its Turbo mode and running pretty fast at 1911Mhz and memory at 5000mhz with a temperature 9C lower than before. I ran the optimize test from Asus AI Suite 3 and after a couple of boots it maxxed to 4.8Ghz on the CPU, but I only saw it going up to 4.7 during DCS experiments, but it managed all the voltages BitMaster mentioned pretty well and the CPU went lower by 30C during DCS 1.5.6 (used to top 70C before) test and down 40C running DCS (used to reach 85C before). The "fun fact" is that on 1.5.6 I have no problem using acft mirrors, but in 2.1, whenever I turn on the mirrors, temps raise fast as hell going from 40-45C to 65-80C! I tested this several times (mirrors on/off) and every time that happened. Quite interesting... I will post some pictures of the temps, voltages and frequencies while testing it. If you guys see something I could do, specially in 2.1 settings, please, tell me! Flying Caucasus MP with Mirrors DCS 2.1.0 Settings (pretty aggressive for my taste/test) LOL Flying Normandy MP with Mirrors. (Note CPU temp 64C) Flying Normandy MP no Mirrors Power saving mode I think I found my "sweetspot" for this rig. Both 1.5.6 and 2.1 are pretty much flyable. 1.5.6 gives around 70fps and Normandy gives around 45 with 33 flying low over the terrain. I hope I get more tips (specially on my 2.1 settings) and we keep the post rolling. Thank you for your tips, guys! I still want some more. All the best, Sydy
  5. Hi OJ, Tried everything on the book and never made Control Manager to work under win 10-64... I am using it in Direct mode anyway. This set is very old (10 years+) and it is time to move on. Glad you succeeded. All the best, Sydy
  6. Thank you, Sir! Will do and post results! TKs a lot for your patience!
  7. Nice to hear your expericence, Oscar. I just got problems in a new rig with Control Manager under Win10-64. They tried to help me for 5 email. In the end they just gave up. So did I. I will ditch my CH set (quite old) and will change for an A-10 Warthog. Happens. Take care, Sydy
  8. Love you, man!!! You take care and thank you very much for your guides!
  9. Hi, Funny you mention the excess of brightness. I notice that on NTTR and Normandy after 2.1 update. Any new setting about it? All the best, sydy
  10. Hi Bitmaster, Today I undid everything I did and tried your tips. I got stuck in the first steps. 1- Load default bios via F5 - Booted 2- Reseted computer, into bio again, tried to use only the XMP... Waited for 5 minutes and the MOBO never booted... At this moment I went back to F5 values. It gets the memory frequency and settings perfectly, but the computer never boots. Any tip about hunging up with only XMP changed? Tks for your posts! Looking forward to hear from you. Sydy
  11. It is today!!! Get set! RUN! I decided to get rid of my CH stuff and move to TM... A-10 Warthog and eventually to the new one. Let's see.
  12. Pressing S will activate the radio in the Tiger, but it is when airborne, if I am not mistaken. Sounds normal to me.
  13. Hi BitMaster, I just lowered the VCore to 1.35. Tomorrow I will follow your receipt and see what happens. My OC knowledge is VERY limited and I have to follow steps, like the video I posted. Anyway, I lowered the VCore to 1,35 and the Temp in idle already dropped to 30C again. Tks for your tips! Sydy
  14. Gents, This post is my first trial. Don't do it. Go to Post #67 and read the optimum tunning for this rig: I will post a small list of what I did in the BIOS to OC my Rig to CPU at 5Ghz and DRAM at 3600Mhz. GPU OC didn't work quite right so far and I think I will skip it. So, here it goes Asus Rog Formula IX + I7-7700k Overclocking I hope it helps with some of you doing OC in a similar rig. All the best, Sydy
  15. Hi guys, It was pretty hard and pretty easy... Yep... Let me tell you... I went through all tests and recommendations and tried a bit of everything... Got several hang ups and freezes... No joy... After about 30 boots and tries, I remembered that this memory kit had XMP compatibility and the motherboard as well. Whatever it is... LOL I went into the manual, checked where I'd find it, wento into the bios (updated already), undid the DRAM experiments and just enabled AI XMP... It got right away 3598Mhz, 16-19-19-1.35v. I will not fight for the missing 2Mhz... LOL Ran DCS 2.1 and 1.5.6. to check how stable the system was and the results were fantastic. I repeated the NTTR test. Benchmark wise: Now with CPU at 5Ghz and DRAM at 3600Mhz: Temperature average of 35C Flying DCS from 48C to 65C (just one peak) and average of 48-53C CPU Load around only 30% GPU Load 100% (my bootleneck now) and temperature 70-74C GPU alway stays around 50C in idle anyway. Test over NTTR F-5E Free flight flying under hoover dam bridge. flying over Boulder City, down the Las Vegas strip at 500kt, over the desert and landing 21 Nellis. FPS of 44-54 (got 7-14fps more from original benchmark) Over the strip with mirrors and everything maxxed out, at 4k, (most of it) it was 29fps (5%gain but pretty flyable - even straffed the Stratosphere! LOL). Final rwy 21 Nellis 35-37fps. Then I tried DCS 1.5.6. F-5E instant action Air to Air. The first try I was with 190 in the air, and landed Kobulety with 80fps flying low. Decided to up AA to 4x and water to max. It dropped 20fps to 60+ on final. But I still think I can squeeze a bit more from my Gigabyte GTX1080 doing some overclocking in it. I will study a bit more... I am really happy with the results. I'd like to thank you all for the tips. My only wish now was to recover my CH Control Manage Mapped mode... But, I can live with that in Direct Mode until I get my A-10 Warthog! :D Thanks guys and I wish you the best, Sydy
  16. Now it is time to search the holy gral of my 3600Mhz Vengeance! :detective: I will try your settings... I will let you know.
  17. Hi David OC, Pretty nice walk through! Thanks a lot. The only thing I didn't do was the BIOS update. I remember mine was from march this year, I will double check for 906. I really don't know how win 10 is "understanding" the Control Manager renaming the HIDs, but I saw in CH-Hangar it is a widespreade desease... :-( Happens. I just have to tweak DRAM now and solve this CH problem. Let's see! Tks a lot for your time! All the best, Sydy
  18. Hi David OC, I don't know whats going on with my Control Manager... No anti-virus running. It is just the windows defender, but it is a mess with the HID devices... I will wait on CH word about it. I am using the 4.55a. I will check your walk through. Thanks! Today I managed to OC the CPU to 5Ghz. Pretty straight forward. I used this video as reference: The only step I jumped was the DRAM FREQUENCY change to 3600Mhz. The computer runs like charm. When I tried the step on second boot, the Computers doesn't boot. So I need some more studying to do it correctly. Benchmark wise: Before any OC: Temperature average of 30C After CPU OC Temperature average of 33C Flying DCS from 45C to 65C (just one peak) and average of 48-50C Test over NTTR F-5E Free flight flying under hoover dam bridge. flying over Boulder City, down the Las Vegas strip at 500kt, over the desert and landing 21 Nellis. FPS of 43-48 (got 5-8fps more) Over the strip with mirros and everything maxxed out, at 4k, (most of it) it was 28fps. Final rwy 21 Nellis 31-32fps. So far I will keep that way and study the posts with the DRAM Voltages. Tks a lot for the tips, guys! Really appreciate it! Sydy
  19. Yep, that's the only thing we can do so far. :thumbup:
  20. I'd love to have 109 and 190 Chucks Guides. I hope they get available again!
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