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  1. Hi guys and @trace, I hope you are all doing well. Three days ago, my MFG Crosswind F-16 Combat Pedals arrived. Btw, this is not a paid advertisement. I bought my pedals and this is an independent review. The Packaging was very good and withstood the horrible treatment by the Brazilian Mail Service. @trace did a great job packing it from Germany to Brazil. The installation was not "that" intuitive, but trace told me to remove the original nuts so I could attached the new pedals properly. Here goes some pictures I made. I love the MFG Crosswind Pedals as it was already... Let's see after the addition of the Combat Pedals. Here how are the new pedals: From the back: The attachment proved to be tricky initially, but after I removed the rear screws from the MFG attachment point, the pedals became very sturdy and stable. My Original MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals (attached to a 50x60cm wood plank: Time to remove the old pedals (and do some clean up LOL Remember to remove the rear screws. One side of mine came out easily, but the other needed some real "tapping" on it. I attached the original screws and tapped it out from the front side. If you don't remove the original screws, it will be almost impossible to make the new pedals firmly attached. Now the new pedals. Just to show how it is going to be attached (use the original screws that came with it). Let me show how I had to tap the original nuts out: Now it is installed and attached firmly. Don't over-torch it, but you don't need a torchimeter to do it.. LOL You will feel it when it's right. Let's put it into position and test it: Ok, now the part you really want to read about it. First, the original pedals were a bit too flat to me and I had decided not to change it originally. When I installed the new pedals, I did not change the angle and it fit precisely the way I wanted the new pedals. A bit steeper than the original and not that flat. It wouldn't be necessary to recalibrate it, but I did it anyway. It was good. I flew around 4 or 5 hrs testing it with the F-16C and the feel was great. I fixed the new pedals with the outer points so I had the pedals a bit wider. I thought I'd give more precision and it was confirmed in the tests. There is another set of attachment points that will make the Pedals 1in (2.54cm) narrower. The wider the pedal, the more precise was my control. Another thing I sensed is that as I am used to fly with the "heel on the floor" in real life, the new pedals helped me to keep the same ergonomics as I use in RL, contrary of the original MFG pedals. From the bottom to the top, the pedals length is 15cm and I felt that the transition from the "heel on the floor" to the "toe braking" was much easier and faster. The shape of the new pedal also brought a firm grip as I usually fly at home bare-footed (not bare-naked, pls, LOL). I felt that it was much much easier to brake with the new pedals. I can say that the Trace's Combat Pedals made my rudder and brakes much closer of what I sense in RL. The ergonomics are great and it was a perfect pair to my MFG Crosswind Pedals. Please, be sure that the original MFG pedals are quite good, but the new ones are just excepcional. I'd like to recommend to all MFG Crosswind Pedal owners to consider this acquisition. Contact @trace via PM and manage your buying. From Germany to Brazil, took around a month to receive it, mostly because of the Brazilian Mail Service (it is quite bad). @trace, congratulations for your design and I hope you sell a lot of them to our flyers. All the best, Sydy
  2. @MateusOV pretty cool to see 4 skins made by Brazilians selected! Congrats!!! Mandou muito bem, brother!
  3. @BIGNEWY, Thank you very much for running this contest. It proved that it is a winner receipt to make the community eager to participate and to involve a lot of people. I humbly thank you to be selected as one of the winners. It is an honor to be picked up among so many great skins. Congratulations to all winners and all participants, no exception! We all won! Rodrigo and Danilo, now we have an Oficial Jambock livery. The entire Brazil community is happy. Happy for this livery and for having 3 Brazilians among the winners, @MateusOV with two liveries and @Danperin with another. You guys rock! All the best, Sydy (Mossie, here I go!)
  4. Thanks a zillion, PB0_CEF!!! We love your DCE Campaigns!
  5. It's funny to see some of us trying to create rules after the contest is finished. Gents, let the organizers judge. I am sure they had their rules set since the beginning. It's a waste of energy to be saying "do this" or "do that"... Let it go and life is what it is... They know how to judge their needs much better than us. my two cents, anyway...
  6. Hi Florence, Just to thank you. I started the campaign today and flew two missions. The departure sunrise on the first mission is amazing. Tks a lot! Sydy
  7. At least I can say "I made P-47 Skins before it was cool!" LOL
  8. Barrett_g, Good one! LOL I do remember the "Big Beautiful Doll" while hanging in the IWM in London and the Pony with that marking in Duxford. Do you remember that it collided with and Skyraider during an Airshow there? I may do it just for the fun of it. All the best, Sydy
  9. Gentlemen, good day, Please, before anything, I'd like to compliment ED for updating the User Download Files programming. The new mode does not pile up new updates over the old files. This way people are not frustrated. That being said, I updated all my 33 P-47 liveries to vs 2.2 correcting many little mistakes and improving some details. I'd like kindly to ask the moderators to re-download, if necessary, all four submissions I made on page 2, please. I also made 2 more liveries, one Brazilian and one American. I think the "Little Chief" worths to be submitted for the competition. So be it... I promise, after 35 P-47s liveries, I will "try" not to make any other... (well.. There are some after the war sn to be studied... LOL) Here it goes, my last Livery for the contest: Link: Frank Klibbe Little Chief, HV-V, 61st FS, 56th FG, 8th AF, 1944. Lt Frank William Klibbe was assigned to 61FS, 56FG, 8 Air Force USAAF, on 27-Jan-1944. He achieved 7 victories during WWII and ended his career as Colonel with several Awards. I, on a personal note, had the honor of meeting Col. Klibbe in a plastic model show in Orlando, 1998. He was kind enough to sign a P47-D Little Chief Monogram 1/48 model box to me. I still have it in mint condition. I also keep on my models display a Little Chief Die Cast diorama. He was a very gentle human being and an awesome fighter. About this Livery: This livery is as historical as possible. The airplane is the "Little Chief" on his final version. It was a P-47D-15-RE (thus it was a Razorback), HV-V, serial no. 42-76179, in March, 1944, England. Features: Originally coded HV-M. Colors: Under surface, Neutral Gray. Upper surface, Olive Drab waxed and polished. Gray panel panel behind canopy on the razorback. All white stripes removed from tail section. Forward portion of cowling and rudder red. Large Little Chief emblem on port side of cowling. After Klibbe became an Ace on 15 Mach 1944, this aircraft was decorated with White inside cowl leading edge, White trim at the rear of the Red portion of the cowling and a White line on the rear of the vertical fin. The stenciled letters, HV-V, were filled and became solid White. The landing gear doors edges and spinner were painted Red. Note panel on upper fuselage under cockpit with 5 victories Balkenkreuz has faded to a lighter, more brown Olive Drab. National Markings: Standard stars and bars on fuselage. Upper wing; star and bar on outboard port wing; Underwing; large star and bar under both wings, note slightly different position of under wing stars. Stenciling: Factory standard. Note; this aircraft was waxed and polished by crew chief for additional speed advantage. The stenciled code HV is tilted slightly down on the port side. New type stencil with crew names in white lettering and red emergency canopy release plus second canopy release in White on canopy rail. Up to 5 Balkenkreuz victory tallies now on side fuselage under cockpit. As everybody said, the level of the liveries is amazing and I feel honored to participate on the contest with such selected group. I learnt a lot with you all. Alea Jacta est! All the best, Sydy
  10. Hi Santus, I personally decided to use the official template (15Feb21), but checked the real latches and they are indeed different. I edited the official template with the proposed fix. @sadjad-vosoul did an outstanding job and I double checked it with the blue prints and real photos. I already fixed my liveries (all 33 of them), but I will only uploaded it on the beginning of march so I do not annoy people. These are my 2 cents about it. Kudos to@sadjad-vosoul!!! Good luck and all the best, Sydy
  11. Dan, Same happened to me a while ago. One unofficial template and three officials template updates, added to my 33 P-47 skins makes quite inconvenient on the user files download page. Every time I update them it looks like spamming. I decided to keep working on my skins and on beginning of March I will make a single update for all 33 liveries. (and no more) Although I have almost all of them complete, I decided to refrain to update all the time so I do not disturb people. Take care my friend, and good luck. (The level of the liveries in here is amazing). Sydy
  12. Thanks for the mission. I will try for sure.
  13. Bignewy, The template was update today. Do we have to update the liveries for this new one or do we keep the way it is? Ps: Please, disregard the question, all my four liveries for the contest were updated for the new template released on 15Feb2021. Thank you, Sydy
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