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    A-29 Super Tucano

    hi zeitgeist, It’s not dead at all. Just the Developer is really busy lately on his real life. Just that. I know him personally and he’s a great guy, but buuuuuuuusy! All the best, Sydy
  2. Hi guys, A friend of mine asked me to write a checklist for the ILS and synthetic RWY setup for the M2000. I made it for him, but after that he said why not a YouTube tutorial about it? I gave it a go and, I think, it came out nice. I hope it helps and you like it. Thanks to jojo57 for the ILS data for PCN input. That’s a nice add on for the Kneeboard. I recommend the following docs to be installed on the M2000C Kneeboard: Sydy’s M2000C Quick Checklist (Vs update 4.1) Sydy’s M2000C Quick Checklist for Night Ops (Vs update 4.1) Jojo57’s M-2000C ILS data for PCN input Enjoy it! Ps: Para os amigos brasileiros e portugueses, coloquei legendas para os ítens principais. All the best, Sydy
  3. Guys, Just updated it to vs 4.1 to include the Synthetic Runway Setup procedure. Same links as above. All the best, Sydy
  4. Hi, I use two cubesims monitors with the lua files they sent me. Works like charm. I don’t use Helios. Good luck, Sydy
  5. Hi guys, As I am back flying M-2000C again, I decided to update the quick checklist to vs 4.0. I included the DETOR step and performance tables. Both day and Night versions available. Ready for download on the user files download page: M-2000C Quick Checklist - Day Ops M-2000C Quick Checklist - Night Ops First page of 5... All the best, Sydy
  6. Hi guys, I did not find the “ECM Box clear”. That’s the button on the right “eyelid panel”. Anyone help? Tks in advance, Sydy
  7. Hi, Just tried it today and works like a charm on cubesim/mfd. I am returning to the M2000 after a long time. Tks, Sydy
  8. Hi guys, The Embraer EMB 312 Tucano (English: Toucan; About this soundpronunciation) is a low-wing, tandem-seat, single-turboprop, basic trainer with counter-insurgency capability developed in Brazil. The Brazilian Air Force sponsored the EMB-312 project at the end of 1978. Design and development work began in 1979 on a low-cost, relatively simple new basic trainer with innovative features which eventually became the international standard for basic training aircraft. The prototype first flew in 1980, and initial production units were delivered in 1983. It has a similar performance of a P-51D and that's the reason I selected it to make this Livery. For more history and Specs, read the PDF file. I also added a wikipedia summary about the Brazilian Air Force Academy. This Livery: This is livery is fictional as it was applied on a T-27 originaly, but it is a small homage to my friends that fly in the Brazilian Demonstration Squadron, the Smoke Squadron, the have my respect. Why the sn 1308? This was the 8th airplane that came out of Embraer and was assigned for the AFA (Brazilian Air Force Academy). I had the pleasure to fly it as a back seater in Octorber, 23rd, 2012, Brazilian Aviators Day, when some civilian pilots were invited to visit the Academy and fly with the Brazilian Smoke Squadron (EDA). It has been a long time passion for both the Brazilian Air Force and the Embraer-312 (T-27 in Brazilian Air Force) and it was a dream to come true to fly with EDA, a wonderful group of people, amazing pilots and human beings. Then, I flew with Captain Franklin on this sn1308 as #7. Now, Colonel Franklin is the Commanding Officer of the Smoke Squadron. Available on User Files Download. You may enjoy that specific experience flying as the Solo EDA#7 here : Ps: updated to vs 1.1 (Blue corrected gama and changed the orange for the correct yellow). All the best, Sydy
  9. Hi guys, I decided to make a livery of a much loved PT-19. The Fairchild PT-19 Cornell was a north-american aircraft use as a primary trainer. Several were brought to Brazil from USA during WWII and used by the Brazilian Air Force on the military pilot training from 1942 to 1960, when they were transferred to the civil aviation. T About this Livery: The livery is fictional because it was originally applied to a PT-19, but it depicted on the Yak-52 as accurately as possible. This specific SN (211) was made in 1948 and served the Brazilian Air Force until 1961, then it was allotted to the Pirassununga Air Club, Pirassununga, Brazil. The same city of the Brazilian Air Force Academy. I had the chance to fly this airplane four times already, including formation flying twice. It is a delight to fly and extremely well preserved. Available on User files download. How to install: 1st Option: Extract the Brazilian PT-19 PP-HLB folder to your F:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\Yak-52\Liveries\Yak-52\ folder. Remember to double check your HD drive letter and DCS destination folder. 2nd Option Extract the Brazilian PT-19 PP-HLB folder to your C:\Users\"YourUserNameHere"\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\Yak-52 folder If you don't have that folder, you may create it. Remember to double check your HD drive letter and Saved Games destination folder. All the best, Sydy Recommended video: Sydy flying the PP-HLB
  10. Hi guys, Requested by @Captcosmos, here goes a gift to all my Portuguese friends. This example is a P-47D-30 of Esquadra 10 Portuguese Air Force 1955. F-47-30-RA flown by Portuguese Air Force during the early fifties. 50 aircraft were provided by the US from surviving WW2 Jugs and this particular one had the USAF serial number 44-90251. Unfortunately none of the planes were preserved for museum display, being the remaining airframes sold for scrap. Available on User Files Download page. How to install: 1st Option: Extract the FAP - Portuguese P-47D - 4434 folder to your C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\WWII Units\P-47D-30\Liveries\P-47D-30 folder. Remember to double check your HD drive letter and DCS destination folder. 2nd Option Extract the FAP - Portuguese P-47D - 4434 folder to your C:\Users\"YourUserNameHere"\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\P-47D-30 folder If you don't have that folder, you may create it. Remember to double check your HD drive letter and Saved Games destination folder. Any feedback is well accepted. Btw, there is a texture problem on the side insignias that I could not solve. The rearmost part of the lateral insignias are kind metallic. I think it will be solved with the future template. All the best,
  11. CaptCosmos, Foi um prazer fazer a pintura para um Patricio! Grande abraco, Sydy
  12. HI @Captcosmos, Skin is done and uploaded. The material you provided was plenty to make it happen. Tomorrow It may be available. Avalible on  User Files Download. I hope you like it. Standing by for your feedback. Tudo pelos irmaos portugueses. Depois vc me paga um bolinho de bacalhau e um pastel de Belem! All the best, Sydy
  13. Hi @Captcosmos I will do it. Tudo pelos irmaos portugueses. Abraco, Sydy
  14. Hi guys, Smoke Squadron is the popular name of the Brazilian Air Force Demonstration Squadron. Col Antonio Arthur "Braga" was the pilot that has more hours flying the AT-6 and Commanded the Smoke Squadron for many years. Affectionally called "Chief" by many (including me), he was a very kind Commander and beloved by everybody. His demonstrations were breathtaking. He started flying in the Smoke Squadron in 1959 and the very next year he was leading it. I had the opportunity to watch him flying many times and was mesmerized by his stick and rudder skills. He died December, 8th, 2003 and I attended his very emotional funeral. Of course, the Smoke Squadron flew over it. The livery is fictional because it was originally applied to a T-6, but it depicted on the P-47D as accurately as possible. His personal T-6, tail PT-TRB, is in the Brazilian Smoke Squadron Hangar, at the Brazilian Air Force Academy, Pirassununga, Brazil. Available on the User Files Download Page. Recommended videos: Cel. Braga e seu T-6 Col. Braga flying his T-6 Esquadrilha da Fumaça 61 anos All the best, Sydy
  15. Gents, Just uploaded version 1.1 of my checklist to the User Files Download page. Speeds are mph there. Sydy's Mosquito Quick Checklist vs 1.1 All the best
  16. Gents, Just uploaded version 1.1. Download it on User Files Download Page. All the best, Sydy
  17. Basically start on the Outers and warm up on the Mains. This way you check the fuel lines. Take off on the Outers, change to drop tanks and then outers and burn it asap because the are more vulnerable to flak and they are smaller than Mains. Then change to Mains. Good luck! btw I am adding few steps (Compass, Repeater and App Beam). I will mature it some more.
  18. Hi guys, Just an update note: I am quite happy with the checklist and It was a nice surprise to get the module name right on the first try. If you have suggestions, pls let me know. I will give it a week so we try it and mature the checklist then I will make a night ops version as well. All the best, Sydy
  19. Tks a lot! I am glad you like it! Once it is released and after we experiment and mature the checklist a bit, I will release a new vs with a Night Ops option. Take care, Sydy
  20. Hi NineLine, Cool! I didn’t notice the matter of priorities. I completely understand the need to prioririze the most need features. At this point I do not have a broad view of the module stage of development to make a solid argument. You guys know it better, for sure. We trust in you, guys. All the best, Sydy
  21. Guys, Even modern fighters use chocks anyway… We may mention several reasons for the WWII planes to use it, e.g.: - Some didn’t have parking brakes; - Holding on the brakes during engine warm-up was tiresome; - On the britsh planes, to maintain the brakes you had to “squeeze the banana”, so you have one hand busy all the time; - Eventual brake failure. Even today, If I have a ground crew attending me, I still prefer to leave the chocks on. So, why questioning the fundamentals? All the best, Sydy
  22. Hi Basco1, Thank you for your message. This is the way I “pay back” the community for the fun I have flying DCS. A lot of people in the community dedicate their time producing missions, campaigns, liveries, mods and helping us on many things. Words like yours make my day. I thank you for that. All the best, Sydy
  23. bart, Pretty nice suggestion! You don’t need four buttons. You may use the same combination as the Spit for the port engine and add a “Modifier” on the same button combination for the Starboard engine. I use the Stick pinky button as Modifier. I will give it a try for sure. tks, Sydy
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