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  1. Sydy

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Use beta vs and install on saved games. No problem here.
  2. This update is quite interesting! I will refly this campaign! Thank you!
  3. Good, SVgamer! So far, I never had a P-47 engine failure following these tips. I just flew mission 8 and I made 2 more kills. It's embarrassing to admit I stole on AI kill (not intentionally), but so far I got 11 kills + 2 JU-88s strafed on the ground. As reflected said, these are not Hollywood missions. A lot of en-route navigation to a few moments of "terror"... LOL All the best, Sydy
  4. SVgamer72, hi! Well, I've seen a lot of engine trouble around and, if I may, here goes my humble tips: On the ground, warm up your engines properly. Maintain oil cooler and intercooler in Neutral. Period! After takeoff, Close the Cowl Flaps, Reduce your rpm to 2550 and leave it there! Period (in cruise, sometimes I bring it down to 2.400. Only if I coming back home ALONE I reduce it to 2150rpm to save fuel). Manifold as necessary. AI accelerations and climbs are on 52" and 2550rpm. If necessary, add more manifold (54" is ok and even WEP), but
  5. Hi guys, Just to update the thread: Today I will post mission 6, which is quite nice and I got another kill. All the best, Sydy
  6. Sydy

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I installed it on saved games folder and I had no problem.
  7. Hi guys, I just started the P-47D Wolfpack campaign it was a delight! On the very first mission (intro), the video hung in the middle and froze DCS so I had to terminate it via task manager. On 4k, the initial fps was just 17 and I thought "OMG, gonna have to lower stuff here", but surprisingly on the second attempt the fps went up to ~50 and kept there. This was the only bug so far. I loved the environment and I knew @Reflected would do a great job. I was right. So, the mission was to Escort Big Friends and, after being released, free hunting.
  8. Hi Reflected, That's a negative. The only thing I did was to deactivate the Wake Turbulence. Other than that I loved the performance and it was much better than any campaign I flew before. I know 2.7 is helping. The clouds effects are just amazing... I will do the voice over today and upload the video. I already finished editing it. Congrats! Sydy
  9. Hi Reflected, It was an instantaneous buying for me. I love the P-47. I already flew the first mission and it was awesome. I will make a movie series out of it with some voice overs to narrate what I was doing. The FPS was astonishing good even with larger formation and clouds in Ultra. My computer is average for todays standards and I only have a 2080 besides an average cpu (7700k). Congrats and I hope to post my first Wolfpack campaign movie later today or tomorrow. All the best, Sydy
  10. Sydy

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Hi Rudel, WP, any waypoint. FYT, Fly to Waypoint. FYT is the waypoint you are flying to currently. All the best, Sydy
  11. Nothing about the A-29 Super-Tucano?
  12. Reduce engine only when on the ground...
  13. Gents, Remember that after landing, if you get DECOL Warning, you may reset the FBW RESET button (the most correct) or press Autopilot twice (easier to map for me). It's up to you. All the best, Sydy
  14. Hi guys, It has been quite a long time I've neglected to fly the Mirage. Last night I flew with my friends and felt the need to update my quick checklist. I included the new INS procedure, a pdf and a new RWR table. Here goes the link: Link: M-2000C Quick checklist for daylight ops + RWR Table Link: M-2000C Quick Checklist for Night Ops + RWR Table I hope you like these new updates. All the best, Sydy
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