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  1. Well I never ran into too many issues with the Warthog grip - without an extension, and bearing in mind I mostly fly ground attack. If you fly BFM ( turn left and pull, then pull harder :D ) and prefer high stick forces then you will see the protection kicking in. The TM F-18 replica grip is lighter, but it's still made from some sort of monkey metal that manages to combine poor strength with high weight. Many people ( most ? ) don't use the base with combat flight sims - so just for flying a Cessna or an Airbus around then a TM grip will be fine, you'll never see the protection limits.
  2. The TM Warthog grip is stupidly heavy - I have a complete cyclic assembly from a Lynx helicopter and complete with all the wiring, wiring plugs, cyclic stick and the grip itself the entire assembly still weighs significantly less than my TM grip. I am fitting the cyclic to my Brunner base, I don't have any concerns about the overload protection.
  3. I'm not sure what the issue is, I ran the plugin installer and it just connected. I don't use vJoy though, no idea how you use that to get the built in DCS FFB effects, I just programmed force curves based on what I know about the aircraft - they are then modified in the Brunner software according to the IAS output it gets from the DCS plugin. Works very, very well but not plug and play.
  4. So what are we seeing then ???? this is very strange....
  5. What sort of settings in DCS can produce that behaviour from the Gazelle ? Game mode ? autorudder ? I'm using maybe 1/3rd right pedal at take off and have to use the pedals constantly when below about 100 km\h
  6. Join the Low Level Hell Discord and find me on there, I'm working on a 3D printed NADIR too
  7. Guess which Gazelle fan bought a real TOW controller for his pit ? ;) OK, it's from a Lynx, but it's fairly similar...
  8. To answer your questions 1 Yes 2 Dunno, for the same reason I don't have a copy of Bus Simulator :D 3 No 4 No You can fly a version with 4 HOT wire guided AT missiles and a CCD\FLIR camera or :- A version with 20mm cannon and rockets with CCD camera only or:- A version with 4 Mistrals ( and maybe a camera ? not sure ) - laugh as you shoot down Goose Maverick in his F-22 or:- A door mounted Minigun armed version which isn't any use whatsoever
  9. Buy the Gazelle, set up the controls as mentioned in Casmo's video and I guarantee you will have an excellent time. Really.
  10. Only in the strange Twilight Zone of DCS could we have someone who has never flown a helicopter telling someone who really has flown a helicopter that he is completely wrong, and supporting that conclusion with a 10,000 word essay complete with videos and graphs. It's truly beautiful in its own way :)
  11. I don't understand what you are saying. But don't bother to expand on my behalf, because I don't really care either
  12. Are we all flying the same Gazelle here ? the one I fly will crash if left hands off for any period of time. You do realise it has SCAS don't you ?
  13. I wasn't too excited by the Kiowa, I'm not really into glass cockpits that much. I was going to buy it, but just for completeness really. But now I think I'll buy 3 copies. One for me, and one each as tributes to the rivet counter Fri13 and Alec 'Back To The Future' Delorean for their commitment to obsession in flight simming :D
  14. I feel like the Ka-50 does mostly what it wants, with the pilot being mainly around to advise the autopilot. I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable with it
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