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  1. I truly hope that I am an exception rather than a rule as I backed this product 100% but nearly 6 months of waiting to get a working device is just absolutely unacceptable, I have a patience of a saint but this is running out now. Las communication is on 9th of August that my device has been received and is in a queue not a peep since. Really? Is it going to be a year before I get a working device? Or ever?
  2. Update on the situation, after finally connecting via teamviewer and verifying that I wasn't doing anything stupid as well as having made several of my own cables it seems I've had a dud device. I had to send it back under warranty and their policy is to repair the old units rather than send new ones (which is understandable for a small business). The downside of this is that its been 6 months since I actually ordered the device and sadly i've never been able to use it. I might be prepared to break another Thrustmaster gimball again :joystick: for this kind of wait but they say "good things
  3. So another week and a bit passed, no parcels, no update about where they are and no promised connection via Teamviewer. It's nice for those who can use the device :cry:
  4. Thank you for reaching out. I'd prefer not to send the device back as it will only take more time away from using it. Will connect via ticket and report back here.
  5. It started fairly well but either they have been busy or something else but after multiple attempts ive had nothing since. No replacement cables either as I say. I fully support the product, thats why I bought it. And i'm prepared to do work myself as clearly evident (many wouldn't) but the fact remains I still cant use it. Device is not bricked. It has exactly the same symptoms as when it arrived. I just wanted to reset it in a hard way just in case. Zero communication doesn't help anyone. Disagree about the quality, clearly can be seen from my photos, sharp edges everywhere, the break
  6. Used both and on different machines. Did you have the same issue? Flickering or all buttons always on?
  7. As you can see from the picture below a reasonable effort has been made in the base to smooth out the edges, however there are plenty of places where a cable can get trapped and pinched or even cut on a sharp edge. I spent a few hours smoothing out the cable route through gimball. As for the connection, you cant get simpler than Pic 2, Handle-> microchip board -> USB nothing else, nothing to interfere. I have even made a JST 5 pin to JST 5 pin cable to avoid all the mini DIN connectors altogether. I fully understand it's a young company which is still finding it's feet but making
  8. I made my order at the beginning of Aril and received the T-50 plus extension and desk mount end of May. However immediately i've had a problem with buttons on the handle either showing as always on or intermittently flickering. Started investigating slowly bit by bit. Identified several potential causes including breaks in cables. Contacted support, was told to connect with their engineer Mega Mozg on Skype which I did, we identified a potential break in Mini DIN to JST (USB) microboard connector cable, was told I'm getting new set of cables. A month passed nothing arrived. Zero communication
  9. As an example. I bough 2 jewel boxes (by friends in russia) and a DVD box (in ukraine) and a download version, all paid for by me. Considering all the hassle I had to go through I think it cost me about £20 each, so thats £80 spent on the product and I will buy the english version as well just to support it. My BS is not hacked to english, I understand russian but do not have a cyrillic keyboard and even if I did, I would sound like a retard typing in russian. So why can't I ask for any support just because i'm british and live in UK? Having 3 activations which you could easily spend in a week
  10. I finally managed to play it over the weekend. Most of the things have been already said so I'm not going to repeat them. There is a real sense that you are flying a real attack helicopter the simulation is breathtaking. Took me a few hours before I could start the engine with switches and fly around, by the end of my stint I was practicing hovering as it seems to be the key to everything. As I am a developer myself, several pointers in terms of how in my view a Western publisher would see the game and would help the game to sell more units to a broader market. Good idea about installing wit
  11. I installed it once at work and once at home so I'm down to 1 activation as well. Doesn't feel too good :(
  12. I used Ukraine. Worked no problem. Try not to use the translator when ordering.
  13. After a LOT of messing about I finally managed to buy the online version. Donwloading now :thumbup: That was some quest I tell you, big up REPENT for providing a guide. Guys if you can't get the UKASH voucher at PayPoint outlets because its failing, keep harassing them, it will go through eventualy! P.S. I already bought 1 jewel box, 1 DVD box and a downloadable version :) The boxes are being posted from Russia and ukraine.
  14. Tried in 3 places, failed 3 times in each of them :cry:
  15. I've been running like a headless chicken trying to get Ukash somewhere in London, I only got blank stares from people. So I got the barcode thingy they have on their site and that didn't help either, the transactions just kept failing. :cry:
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