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  1. Hola, he leido el post tarde, pero yo tengo un X56 de primera generación (saitek), le pasaba lo mismo , activación aleatoria de teclas, la solución para mi fue quitar la iluminación de los dos dispositivos, y conectarlos a un puerto USB mínimo 3.0, y jamás he vuelto a tener esos problemas excepto cuando por cansancio me apoyo en los interruptores de la base del hotas
  2. I can ensure you that the scroll wheel makes its function very well, the photo is reversed, you put the mini mouse in your right hand like the image I send and works really fine, this pointer looks good, but it has no scroll weel and imo it's very expensive, although its sees cool This one costs less than 10€.
  3. In my humble opinion, I use this mini mouse atached to my fingers, point with my head and click the mini mouse https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B078RMPPYF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. I found this mouse in amazon, its very usefull with vr, just point to the switch an activate the mini mouse https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B078RMPPYF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Actually I´m flying all my modules with the mouse attached in my right hand
  5. hello, can you send the info of the adapter please, I´ll try it.
  6. The thing that worked fo me was to plug the saitek throttle and the stick on two usbs 3.0 and to turn OFF the ilumination of the two devices, (I fly in Vr and I dont need it), at this moment all the ghosting issues dissapeared. Hope it would help
  7. For me , Worked by switching the ilumination to off....no more blue color on my joys, but solved the problem forever...hope this helps.
  8. I think, in my experience, when you unplug the joy,and plug it again, for some reason it creates other joy name depending on the usb, like x56 blahblhablah {here are a string number that will be diiferent than the first one} .... Try to go to controls in the game, select the game, select the column for the yoy tha you are having issues and go to the load option, and try to find the file with the same name, but an older version, DCS vreates two or three....Clear the controls before of course and load the file wich has an old date...It should fix that
  9. About HOTAS functions I am totally disagree with the missing functions, and I will explain why : A few years ago, when I was flying Jane's F18 , in a Tiger Meet exibition near my home, at Albacete Airbase, I talked with a f18 pilot from a spanish squadron from Ala 12, "no le busques los tres pies" who was a fan simulator too.... this pilot tell my friends and me, in a conversation, that it was (or it is) easier to fly the real plane that the simulated one, because in real life EACH pilot programmes his HOTAS for his preferences..... then in one single click can for example bring A/A scre
  10. Thanks so much in advance for creating new campaign for my favorite module, but I am a bit stuck in the first mission, It says put the altimeter to 33, but I dont understand how to do this...and when wolf 1 arrives, says nothing. What I am doing bad?
  11. Thanks, must I assign into the game the mini sticks to an axe in particular?, sorry but I'm newbbie with this joystick
  12. Hello, Is there anyone who has a working profile for the f/18 and the saitek x56 rhino. I am not able to configure well eith the esential funtions. Thnaks in advance, beers wiil be on me for helping
  13. In the gazelle module, I can´t seat inthe gunner seat, I try the "2" key and noting happens, else I can´t fire weapons It happens at the 2.5.2 release version. After the last update.
  14. After last update, When running ARGO campaign, mission 5 I think, clouds are visible only in one of my oculus rift eye( The right One) ...It is anonyng
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