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  1. Both teams have been given access to a limited version of the mission to familiarize with the setup. Aircraft, callsigns, frequencies, tankers, Awacs etc are all as they will be on game day. The missions are available on the discord listed in the initial post. Ask for a role request (blue or red) to get access.
  2. Wow, what an impressive sign up. Great roster! Looking forward to the 19th! Right now, the only remaining slots are 2 Blue GCI and 3 Red F-5s. From my experience hosting events, if you're 1st or 2nd reserves, there's a good chance you get to fly as there's usually a few drop offs on game day...
  3. I was under the impression they fixed them for the F-15, but in that case yes, you may pick 7F, 7M or 7MH.
  4. Teams and briefing: I'm providing a discord server for teams to plan: https://discord.gg/XdaPsUJ Once on there, request a side and I'll add you to the corresponding team. Roster: F-15C (4/4) [Alamo] dundun92 [Alamo] Darkthroian [Alamo] Prez THEFLAKEsenpai Reserve: F-16C (10/10) <64>YAGA E-TF[101] Breeze LowBlow <64>TaoHermit 79th FS | Marco | JTFF 40thSOC Hammer <64>Jumper ET-F [212] Saint 79th FS | Wolf4Pm | JTFF VF17-14.FAD_Teddy
  5. PERSIAN GULF 1992-1 26 vs 22 PVP Event June 19th, 1930z Persian Gulf 1992-1 is a 26 vs 22 PVP event. The event takes inspiration from first day of Desert Storm conflict in the early 90's, where Iraqi MiGs faced an overwhelming force of a coalition led by the US. The objective for each side is very different; Iran will try to defend its home land from the invaders while the American forces goes after vital targets in Iran. The mission is set up to be asymmetrical to simulate the non-balanced nature of a real conflict. To balance the odds, Iran fields an impressive i
  6. We're finally done with the schedule for the initial part of the tournament. Due to the incredible amount of teams signing up, we were a bit unprepared to fit everything with a proper format, within 2 months. We opted to go for a short group stage and then a elimination stage for all group winners. (Single elimination would have eliminated half the teams after only one match, and double elimination would be too many matches). This format guarantees each team two matches and then a few advance to quarter finals (two teams will fight an extra round to claim the 8th QF slot). Maps and
  7. I've just uploaded the 4 missions that will be used for the tournament. I wanted to add a Syria mission as well, but only so many teams could use it and the random matches drawn wouldn't allow it to be used enough to warrant it. The missions are as follows: Anapa vs Gudauta (Cauc) Kobuleti vs Vaziani (Cauc) Qeshm vs Al Ain (PG) Kerman vs Bandar (PG) They are available in this post: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/266077-tact-21-1-tactical-air-combat-tournament/?do=findComment&comment=4603072 We've tested them for issues and
  8. Sign up Closed! Will get back with exact format in a few days.
  9. In order to give us a bit more planning room, we will shorten the signup period. The signup for TACT 21-1 will close on April 6th.
  10. Squadron: 64th Aggressors Timezone: 1400z-2200z (weekends) Aircraft: F-16C, F/A-18C, F-14B Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria
  11. 27 TEAMS MISSIONS The mission that will be used during the tournament are listed below: Anapa vs Gudauta (Caucasus) Kobuleti vs Vaziani (Caucasus) Qeshm vs Al Ain (Persian Gulf) Kerman vs Bandar (Persian Gulf) Current mission version: HERE
  12. TACT 21-1 RULES Only full fidelity modules are allowed. The match format is a 6 vs 6, best of three rounds air superiority mission. The tournament is open for virtual squadrons only. We recognize that not all squads can field 6 pilots (+ reserves) for every match. If a Team expects to be short on match day they are allowed to recruit up to 2 additional temporary pilots to complete the 6 plane roster. These extra pilots will be known as mercenaries. The mercenaries must not be squad members of the opposing team in the specific match. Mercenaries do
  13. TACT 21-1 Tactical Air Combat Tournament Tactical Air Combat Tournament, TACT, is an air-to-air competition among DCS squadrons with a high emphasis on PVP. It's designed to run over a couple of months in a championship type format (exact details will depend on the amount of teams that sign up). The plan is to live stream as many matches as possible. The event got its own discord server, check it out: https://discord.gg/XdaPsUJ Schedule TACT 21-1 will run June-July, but the exact schedule will be published after signup. Tea
  14. X-man - Red F18 (reserve) Put me as reserve, as I'm not sure I make it in time for the brief, but might be able to fill unfilled slots at 19ish.
  15. Congrats to all the winners. Awesome work!
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