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  1. F-14B: NSAWC Aggressor #18 "Ghost" This is a second fictional top gun (NSAWC) skin based on present day aggressor skins found on Nellis F-16s. Skin sent to @ensamvarg.
  2. Hey, here's my contributions for the competition. F-14A: NSAWC Aggressor #19 "Felon" This is a fictional top gun (NSAWC) skin based on present day aggressor skins found on Hornets and Vipers. The real life Su-57 (NATO reporting name: Felon) also sports a similar livery, which is the reason for the naming. For now I'll post the skin in private to @ensamvarg . I'll release it to the user files upon conclusion of the competition
  3. It's you that is bringing negative vibes here, basically telling people not to submit their skins because you have a preference for something else. Submit your own historically correct skins if you want, but don't trash on others.
  4. @IronMike I think you might want to clarify the original post then. It says: To me that sounds like at least 7 screenshots but preferably more. It also goes against using your mission as that is NOT full daylight. IMHO, the dusk lighting skews the real colors of the skin too much, so you don't get the real tones. There's also this: ​​​ That's not true than, as we are to use the mission provided, right? Finally, just for clarification, is the deadline 11th January (13 Nov +59 days), or the 12th (13 Nov + 60 days)?
  5. Finally able to add the 1980 skins to the A-model. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305167/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305166/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305165/
  6. Hi, sad to hear that. We can probably host it if you want. Our server should be free.
  7. Thanks all for participating. I enjoyed it a lot once again. I've had some really busy days so I couldn't sort everything I wanted in advanced, especially planning for Blue. A lot of sign ups was withdrawn and switched in the last 24hrs and it apparently caused some issues for Red. This is an issue that's been present throughout my years of doing DCS events (10+ years). There's simply nothing to be done about drop offs unless you start forcing people to fly other things or stopping them to fly all together. In the end, there's nothing at stakes for this event other than fun of flying. If we
  8. Rossmum streams the event!
  9. I will accommodate as many of the latest signups and changes as I can. Ill update later when I can...
  10. What a sign up for red! I like it :) Due to the discrepency in signups red/blue, I've convinced my fellow 64th members that we'll go blue for this one. The following slots will be taken: F-14s <64>NoWheels | <64>Vati <64>Rage | <64>X-man <64>Krippz | <64>Fox F-5 <64>Comie1 This means Mjugen is now in the second M2K slot and 2 new MiG-29A slots are open.
  11. Mission, Roster, Briefing Teams and briefing! I'm providing a discord server for teams to plan: https://discord.gg/XdaPsUJ Once on there, request a side and I'll add you to the corresponding team. Roster F-14 ( 6/6 ) WARWOLF | Crazybee TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler | Doormouse | WhiteRabbit <64>NoWheels | <64>Vati <64>Rage | <64>X-man <64>Krippz | <64>Fox Reserve F-5 ( 8/8 ) <64>Comie1 IAF.ViFF IAF.Yuval IAF.DMK IAF.Grumpy IAF.Zed IAF.David <64>Kazansky Reserve =DW=Wizard_V
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