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  1. I just recreated the crash again, this time in the Hoggit training server. I spawned in as the A-10C, same loadout as above, and flew over to the SA-2 and SA-3 sites. I'm not sure which one hit me, but as soon as the missile hit the game froze again. The track (which is probably unusable) and the log are attached. This should be a very easy one for you to recreate on the hoggit servers. I have not had a single instance where the game did not crash. TNN release-2.0.21-20200523-232646.trk dcslog2.zip
  2. The auto crash report tool is unusable for many people, myself included. The cursor disappears behind the window so it is impossible to see the cursor to click the submit button. I alt-f4 the crash reporter away out of frustration. I think it is related to VR. If the buttons were bigger it would be possible to guess their position and click them, but right now they're too small. Anyway, this particular crash doesn't trigger the crash reporter nor does windows or steamvr register the dcs process as unresponsive. The game will happily sit in this frozen state for over 10 minutes (th
  3. This seems to occur when hit with an SA10 as well. Same loadout and aircraft as above, but daytime and no NVG. There was a missile impact thunk and a master caution this time but otherwise the results were identical. I have been hit by small arms without the game crashing but these are the only 3 missiles that have hit me while flying the A10 since the latest update. It's possible other missiles from other sources cause a crash as well.
  4. This happened twice in a row to me on the GAW server, the most recent of the two was at approx 12:45pm UTC May 23, in case logs are needed from them. The same series of events leading up to the crash happened in both cases, so it seems to be reproducible. The server remained running but my client completely locked up. Aircraft: Flying the A-10C Osan livery in VR with the Vive at night with NVGs. Loadout varied between the two crashes but the common items were AIM-9M x 2 on the aircraft right wing, Jammer pod (the one with the larger number) on the left wing, TGP on the right wing, GBU-38 x
  5. Bug: It seems a LOT of Jester audio clips can be queued up with no sanity check. I was air to air refueling on the GAW server when the tanker began to rubber band back and forth. I throttled back to get some distance from the tanker as it shot across the sky. The basket repeatedly zipped past the probe. This resulted in a solid 30-45 seconds of "You're a little left. You got this man. You're a little left. You're a little right. You're teasing it! You're a little left. You got this man"....and on and on even after I was a good distance from the tanker and the rubber banding stopped. Jester nee
  6. I had this bug happen to me the other day. Got teamkilled by a mirage on the Hoggit GAW server, respawned and couldn't start the right engine. I just got the tomcat so I thought perhaps I forgot the startup sequence. Exited the server and launched the cold start training. The right engine still wouldn't start, although the left started fine. The only fix was to restart the game, at which point the training mission and multiplayer worked properly again.
  7. There's a fairly minor issue with the textures on the vertical speed indicator. The turn coordination ball passes in front of the yellow swinging pendulum (not sure what the term for that thing is). I noticed this in VR, so I'm not sure if the problem still happens when not in VR.
  8. I found that the IR lock tone can be reliably broken so that it constantly sounds. Here are the steps I took. 1) Loadout: flare/chaff launcher, R-13M1 on both outer pylons, S-24B on inner pylons, 800L cernterline tank. 2) Set up the weapon control panel so that it is ready to fire the R-13M1. 3) Flip the bomb arm switch up to the armed position. 4) Find a target and fire the R-13M1 missiles. At this point the IR lock tone will continue to play despite no missiles left. 5) To stop the IR lock tone, flip the bomb arm switch down to the disarmed position. This will probably work
  9. I'm not sure about the sound card actually. My motherboard is an Asus PX58D-E with a Realtek ALC889. But, I was flying using the Vive and I don't know if it has it's own sound card. The microphone was the Vive mic. It sounded decent in the audio preview. Not the greatest, but also definitely not what I would consider unintelligible.
  10. I hopped on Blue Flag last night and had issues with degraded audio too. A few of my transmissions were reported as garbled and I heard a lot of garbled transmissions from others. One of them was kind of hilarious in that there was a pause in the middle of the transmission, then the remainder played extra fast (like fast forwarding a tape player). Or possibly it played a bunch of audio all at one moment. I'm not really sure, but it sounded like fast forward. That only happened once though. I also had to occasionally bump the transmit button otherwise I'd stop receiving. At first I thought
  11. Feature request (unless you already implemented it). An option for separate encryption keys for each coalition. That way there could be spying and such on unencrypted channels but encrypted comms would be secret.
  12. I have tried very hard to figure out how to do this. It does not seem to be possible. I made a post over at /r/hoggit with my findings. It seems the polar button is only useful for offsetting an existing waypoint by the bearing/distance between two other waypoints.
  13. YAAAAAY! This was the feature I was most looking forward to (if you couldn't tell from the bug report). With respect to NTTR, on the F99th server, which I believe uses Ciribobs autolase script, I was able to locate the JTAC laser using LSS mode on the A-10s TGP. I didn't change the GBUs code to see if it would track the laser but since LSS picked it up I would expect the bomb would see it too. I'll report back if I get a chance to try it. EDIT: I tested Ciribobs JTAC auto lase script and it works great on NTTR too. Attached are two missions. A control test using the A-10C (for you to
  14. Haha yes, it did take a while. But not as much as you might think! I was able to test 20 codes at a time. I set up a target range consisting of a line of trucks next to a line of JTACs. I used the JTAC auto lase script to give each JTAC a different laser code, then I dropped 4 GBUs so that the seekers swept down across the line of trucks as they fell. If one of the codes worked, the 4 GBUs should have all tracked to the same target instead of impacting spaced apart on the ground. Once a set of codes failed, I just went back to the editor and changed all the codes to the next set. Repeat 40-50
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