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  1. I don't own the Gazelle, namely as there's a lot of questions and comments over its FM being incomplete. I know Polychop made some improvements, but they've said they're going to revisit it after they release the OH-58. With that in mind though, I can't recommend it without doing more research. Plus, as the poster above noted, it definitely won't fly anything like the Hind even if the FM was perfect. The Hind will be a faster and slightly more agile Mi-8, it's a heavy bird and has a lot of mass.
  2. For just flying it'd be the Huey. For prep for the Hind, either Huey or Mi-8. The Mi-8 flies like a bus, though all the start up and other functions are much closer to the Hind. If you don't own it already, I'd just wait for the Hind though.
  3. Are you in torrent mode or did you click cancel to go to http mode?
  4. I'd rather a see a Sea Hawk, to fit with the carrier ops. Any variant would be nice though, and hopefully would see ED put some time and effort into improving loading/drop off of troops too.
  5. Concur with the others, it's a good module, definitely worth getting at sale prices. It's a lot of fun. I just wish ED would schedule some time to fix the last few issues, namely the bullet speed (to solve the sight issues), and the transonic lockup issues. Oh, and the rbg 0,0,0 black knobs in the cockpit.
  6. Considering the F-4 has been dropped by ED, despite, like the AH-1, inheriting it from BST when they absorbed them, I'd say it's prolly a goner.
  7. Where's the ground breaking surprise then? Can't be the Apache, as that was known about for years.
  8. Good to see progress on the F1. I do have a question though, why not just focus on one version? Four seems quite a lot to bite off, and based on the how slow (but thorough!) the dev for the C-101 was, surely a singular focus is going to be better?
  9. No to new asset packs as separate modules. Splits up other content even more. Not just an MP issue either by effectively denying people access to servers unless you pay the extra for the packs. It also affects SP too, the example being the WWII campaigns, a lot need the WWII Assets Pack, which is on top of needing the map. Honestly, there's a lot of models that need a refresh, but I actually disagree with the level of quality ED are showing in the Newsletters. It's too high. The models currently in game that came from Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 and after are at an acceptable level, an
  10. Fwiw, I believe it actually hit the fleet with a 7.5g limit, and was used that way for a while before the 6.5g limit was introduced. Happy to be corrected on that though. There's also annecdotes from Grumman testers saying they took it over 10g on occasion, and some static testing documentation showing the wing box survived 10.5g and the engine mounts broke first (at 10.5g). Obviously that's not a lot to go on and Victory205 recently posted he accidently took it to just over 8g and broke a couple of things, so ymmv. As for OP's actual question: Joystick curves and practice tbh.
  11. This does not affect me as I'm on the AMD train, but considering how long it's been hanging about, I'd hope ED would be offering a lot more support at this point to get it fixed, as it affects a lot of people.
  12. I did spot the following thread was updated last week to say BalticDragon (I think) (along with Apache who was already there) was not participating. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/news/official-updates/248409-3rd-party-campaigns-no-longer-participate-in-ed-miles It's now been updated again to say a blanket Nope for all 3rd Party Campaigns. Gonna guess people were buying aircraft modules and getting Miles from that purchase, then using them for campaigns, resulting in the campaign makers not seeing much money for their products.
  13. Nothing I said got refuted. You should really look the word up BEFORE you use it mate. The problem at hand is that you didn't like what I said and it somehow got under your skin. That's what we call in the Navy a "you" problem! Take it however you want to take it bro! I even told you that I wasn't attacking you. I guess you managed to miss that part too along with the humor. Should I put it in bold caps for you? Try this on for size. Your F-14D compromise idea was about as ill-informed and as useless as ever. Save face? That's how you took it? I don't need to! Lol I tried being the big
  14. You lot still arguing about pen vs pencil? Snopes has you covered on this: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/the-write-stuff/
  15. To be fair, it's not their fault as the patent set was sat on for years with very expensive licensing (iirc), I very much doubt VKB & Virpil could afford it. Only reason why MS could do it was because they own/co-own some of the patents. They expired earlier this year though, so hopefully TM and Logitech pick up the ball. Still falls down at the first hurdle though, as it requires everyone to have FFB devices. They weren't cheap at the time when they were actually around.
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