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  1. The module WAS Belsimtek, they were absorbed back into ED the other year. It's definitely now an ED module.
  2. Claiming it'll decrease performance when it's been done in games for a decade or more in some form or another... yeah, not buying that unless ED are simulating individual blades of grass as physicalised objects in the world. But it's definitely a low hanging fruit and not really worth it. The dust kick up is much more useful and actually worth getting working correctly imo.
  3. I still disagree. Using your previous "correct" distance for 10kt bombs, being ~1.36km for moderate blast damage, that's still a large area. That SAM site? Gone with one bomb. That airport? Gone with one bomb. And you don't even need to be pinpoint accurate with it. Players will take the _most efficient_ weapon they can get their hands on, for DCS where there's literally no other penality or decision factor needed, that'll be the one with the biggest bang. For the Mig-21, why take a pair of FAB 250 or FAB500s on the wings and need to be super accurate with them to ta
  4. The nuclear panel should be simulated if possible, for system completeness. The only bomb that can be dropped should be the inert training version. Player dropped nukes in DCS are honestly pretty pointless, as they're basically close to 'I win' buttons, which is why the Mig-21's are disabled on most servers. They add very little, but can take away quite a lot.
  5. @NineLine / @BIGNEWY Any hope the muzzle velocity is tweaked for the big 2.7 patch? It's been 5 years now that bullets have been falling short of the pipper due to previous changes, resulting in aiming being semi-broken.
  6. Yes, it's been broken now for 5 years: Discussion in this thread, as the gunsight isn't off per-se, but the bullets are too slow:
  7. Already happens. The content creators just need to PM the Community Managers/Wags/3rd Party Devs and offer it. If they haven't, that's up to them.
  8. Well, not that it affects me, but while space may be cheap, bandwidth might be another matter. There's skins in CoreMods that are *far* too big for what they are and definitely should be a lot smaller. I could see why people would gripe about having to dl them, especially if they're on a poor/slow internet connection.
  9. Troll thread right? No-one gets to 100+ posts and doesn't know the name of the company's forum they are posting on.
  10. Yes, once they've finished the Kiowa:
  11. Why don't you instead have a single link to something like Linktree, or another place where they are aggregated? Therefore you won't be reliant on ED or the forum software, and can have as many as you like.
  12. I've been reading the thread but not contribuing bar my single post, and no-one but you has suggested hands off Auto AAR. The suggestions have all involved player interaction.
  13. Gonna be honest, last time I posted in the other Easy AAR thread, I was against it. However, I've been convinced by some complelling arguments with decent solutions, namely the one saying you still have to get into position and roughly hold it. Yes it makes it a bit easier you don't need to go the full hog and be super precise which I'd normally be for, but the point of EAAR unlocking more missions for people and therefore removing the use of Unlimited Fuel as an option is what swung it. I'd much rather see people doing Easy AAR than using unlimited fuel.
  14. It actually used to be a option back in the day if I remember correctly. Not sure why it went away, I assume it was an issue opening the pdfs from inside the app.
  15. Yeah, prolly the modulation. It'd actually be really handy in the F10 view to show what modulation the freq is using eg "127Mhz (AM)". I get tripped up sometime.
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