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  1. http://planecrashinfo.com/1980/1980-14.htm http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=33292 http://www.flightglobal.com/FlightPDFArchive/1981/1981%20-%201213.PDF Lost one rotor blade. Sudden free fall. Screams on radio heard by all others nearby helicopter pilots (Bacia de Campos, Brasil, offshore oil production).
  2. Comanche 2 (Novalogic) and Su-27 1.5 SCE. and Su-27 1.5 SCE.
  3. My experience with facetracknoir and FC2: Installed faceAPI. Installed facetracknoir V1.30 plus Update4_20101103. Tried the TrackIRFixer, but it said "cannot find code to modify". Go to my bed very frustraded... Next night, runned facetracknoir, set to faketrackir. Run LOMAC 1.02 (older program, may be it is compatible, who knows). It worked! But i didn't made any tunings in facetracknoir. Next, run FC2 (last patch), and it works again! Cannot zoom in/out in the cockpit by the keyboard anymore. Using keypad 0 to see instrument panel. Joystick hat switch stopped to. A little slow to mov
  4. No manufacturer yet. It's a prototype, made by ... "nerds":joystick:
  5. Go to 3'30". No english subtitles; http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Noticias/0,,GIM1415834-7823-NERDS+APRESENTAM+SUAS+INVENCOES+NA+CAMPUS+PARTY,00.html
  6. There's a patch for fixing the sound in Windows XP (may help for Vista, also): http://www.reisun.org/?p=28
  7. Some surprising (for me, at least) info about the Phantom, in "Where Have All the Phantoms Gone?" from Air & Space magazine. ( http://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/Where-Have-All-the-Phantoms-Gone.html ) ... Control sensitivity varies widely. It takes full aft stick to raise the nose for takeoff, yet at certain fuel loadings and at speeds just above Mach 0.9 at low altitude, moving the stick only one inch can produce 6 Gs on the airframe. At above Mach 2, on the other hand, the shock wave that is created moves the center of lift so far aft that pulling the stick all the way ba
  8. Patches can be found at http://www.ubi.com/US/Games/Info.aspx?pId=15&tab=download&dcId=74
  9. http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2008/03/31/science/0401-PATCH_index.html Full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/01/science/01patc.html
  10. http://www.4shared.com/file/23278524/2bfbae11/F251modspart1.html http://www.4shared.com/file/23307817/b01820d8/F251modspart2.html http://www.4shared.com/file/23281799/4a620752/F251modspart3.html password: eagle
  11. DCS - new name? The acronym DCS appeared in the intro movie of Flanker 2, standing for Digital Combat Series. The movies, although present in bik format, were dehabilited by the 2.5 patch. With a software, you could convert them to avi format, and when playing Flanker 2.51, the movies appeared again. The "old school" guys probably know all these things.
  12. May be they had to change the canopy between different aircrafts: lack of spare parts:cry:.
  13. Obvious MadCat if full of reason, but Orkut Communities are everything but serious:megalol:... Another member from that community had posted this photo twice, and twice it was deleted by the moderator: For what reason a moderator would reject a photo of original software? It's up to you find what force drives this moderator :thumbup:
  14. Surely not! But what about KA-50 (aka Black Shark)? It's this type of chopper:thumbup: I was talking about! " "DCS: Black Shark" "DCS: Black Shark" is a PC game of the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter and is the first title in a new Eagle Dynamics and The Fighter Collection simulation series: "Digital Combat Simulator" (DCS) "
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