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  1. cosmonaut - where I come from, that beer is know as wifebeater are you married?
  2. Sorry to all you guys "ardent for some desperate glory" BUT... they didn't "strap themselves to the wings" - they sat on fuselage fairings and clipped themselves to attachment points with safety straps and karabiners so they wouldn't fall off (sounds much less dramatic, doesn't it?) and this is being hyped in the press because the British army is losing the war against the Afghans just like they always have done - read your Kipling
  3. just rebuilt my AOL software now getting 300KB/Sec still not impressed!
  4. Download speed 32Kb/sec? On high-speed broadband? Whereabouts in the system has someone inserted one of those modems where you have to put the phone receiver into two rubber cups (and then pray)?
  5. Hell, I think I'll have three 22" TFT screens and a Matrox TripleHead2Go! I used to enjoy PONG, you know. Apart from the tape loading, life was so easier then.
  6. So will BS run OK on DX9 or will it really need DX10 to get the best out of it?
  7. At download speeds of 65Kb ps for the lowest res version, life's too short. Put it on a fast server and I might be bothered
  8. I read somewhere that AMD chips don't like Adobe Premiere, which is my machinima editing tool of choice. Anyone got any views on this?
  9. Your FIRST movie?? Man you have sprung fully-formed from the earth as a natural machinima artist! It was awesome! Put it in for some kind of award, you gotta win something with that. Deep respect.
  10. I am going to get a new PC in the near future and I want to be able to run BS with all settings maxed out. What spec PC should I get? My budget is up to GBP2500. Any recommendations out there? I quite like the look of the Alienware stuff, but then again Dell seem a bit more switched on to gaming these days. Anyone care to post me the specs of a dream machine within my sort of budget?
  11. Seconded - he's a great contibutor to the overall LOMAC experience, and a really helpful guy. When I couldn't download some of the big video files off his site he sent me, by mail for USA to UK, a CD with the files, at his own expense and didn't want any kind of donation in return! A good deed in a naughty world! Thanks Ironhand (great name!)
  12. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. I want to use the last 2 minutes of the track for multiple angles and views - ie film the same event from 5 or 6 different views (self external: self cockpit: target: outgoing mav: incoming sam: wingman: etc). As I understand it, a rendered version would only give me one view. And I have tried time acceleration, but I'd rather just have a shorter track to work with!
  13. I've recorded a great track which I want to use to create a machinima film. Trouble is, all the best action is in the last 2 minutes of a 7 minute track and I get bored having to run all the way thru the track everytime I want to set up a new angle for FRAPSing (even using CTRL-A to speed things up). Is there any way I can edit the track to cut off the first 5 minutes? Sorry if this is a dim noob question.
  14. Printing the map My solution (expensive): Laptop open next to desktop PC Small digital camera with memory card IRFAN view software (free download) Take digital pix of maps and briefings on PC screen Place memory card in laptop card reader Use IRFAN view to set up a mouse-controlled looping slideshow of your map and briefing pix Works for me!
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