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  1. Ian does that affect Developer Mode in Chrome?. Reference docs, does that need to be updated to latest library. Just asking because I'm sure some others will be asking the same but they may not be happy about asking. Cheers m8 :thumbup:
  2. There are people on the forums who are not as passionate as us and don't have the ability or the desire to make switch boxes. Lynxx, I think they are expensive for the day to day user, but you are offering a modular solution. Ask someone who has never 3d printed, or bought acrylic or laser or cnc to cut, switches, pcb's. He will buy the solution, saves him burning out more arduinos, learning soldering, learning coding, etc, etc. Yeah its cheaper to source parts and build by yourself, but forget what everyone else is niggling on at you for, there is a niche market for pre-assembled hardware and the cost is only relative to what the buyer thinks is acceptable. Carry on mate, fcuk the disbelievers. :pilotfly:
  3. "You should also order one of these $7.20 logic analyzers. They are cheap knockoffs of the original Saleae Logic 8 / USBee AX designs (not much more than just a breakout board for a particular Cypress chipset -- the reason normal commercial logic analyzers cost hundreds of dollars is the high-quality software they come with). You can use them with the open source sigrok project." Are you a mind-reader in your spare time [FSF]Ian? :) I was going to contact you and ask you to recommend a value for money logic probe but you beat me to it. Thanks m8.
  4. Count me in m8, Happy to show support. weeb
  5. Great to see you back Ian, I know things were hectic whilst you were doing university course and it only goes to show your strength of character. I remember doing my disertation and **** me, every day and night was "mind-bending", you never shut off, you wake up with an idea, then prove it. I for one will wait however long it takes for DC-Bios 2.0. My skills were in finding holes in network security, it's a different language to making software speak to an arduino intermediary. Stay frosty. weeb
  6. Spoken for the truth there m8. I am not sure if this is a wind-up hence I will word my reply carefully. Lets say for instance it costs 36 billion to design and build a plane. At no time in the planning and pre-production does it say, need to get some cheap boards so that we can just plug this component in. I didn't know shit about building a cockpit, now I could solder 2 buttons to a fly's arse. Take an arduino amazinly clever and compact. Oh it's got digital outputs and analogue, how can I make that switch go on/off, screw about with it until you get it right. A lot of us started in the same situation. :thumbup:
  7. If you look at the https and http. Think you will find your collision Just sayin. weeb
  8. Welcome back m8. An honoured and respected asset to the community. That movement is so smooth. Like John I have been messing about with steppers but I can't get them to move fluidly. They judder. Am I missing something simple?
  9. "Wise men talk because they have something to say" "Fools talk because they have to say something" -Plato How is this any worse than Xbox and playstation fiasco every Christmas, cast you mind back, remember Diablo 3 and all the other associated downloads that nearly crashed the net. I have a thing called patience. It doesn't matter to me if I download it today or tomorrow. I'll just go into my workshop and build a gauge, solder some shit. Life still goes on whether you are stressed or unstressed. Yes in a perfect world we would all love everything immediately but the internet does not work like that. And before you slate me, I have degrees in computer networking, routing tables, won't bore you with this. In this day and age, all it takes is a clam fishing boat to howk a fibre optic cable off the ocean floor and the routers have a heart attack, they have to find alternative nodes. I have a 200meg pipe into my house and do you know something. There is hardly a server up there that is capable of feeding it. Traffic management et al. Here is one for you. I was talking to someone in America and when I pinged them, I was going through the Seychelles. Does that bring it into clarity?
  10. Ralfiedude and Gerry Abbott both did excellent TIR videos. Worth a watch m8. [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] You just need to fine tune it. weeb
  11. Quoted for the truth m8. I was going to make a smart arsed quote and you owned me. If you don't like the study sim, go arcade mode, not rocket science.:thumbup:
  12. Sorry I just had to LOL at this. I think lost in translation comes into it. Totally honest comment that came out the "wrong way" Welcome to the forums m8. weeb :thumbup:
  13. That rocks John. I bought a DC supply box from Ebay. Chinese thing, only cost £43.00 uk pounds and it does from 0-45vdc, there is however one caveat and you hit the nail on the head. I can only use 1 voltage at a time. I should have thought about it when I was running the 12 volt rails for the side consoles and adding resistors to make the atx wake up. You know something, you never fail to amaze me. Keep bringing these ideas m8. Damn you, I got to build one now. :)
  14. Shawn, why re-invent the wheel. I have done all this, what is it you are trying to dxf. We can send you dxf files? weeb
  15. 1. I read the email that was sent from VEAO, it states in simple text that it has received my payment. It also gives me my Hornet Number. 2. I refer to my paypal payment and on the same receipt for the payment it gives me a transaction number and my Hornet code. I really don't understand where the problem is here Fakum. I went online and put the key in and bound it to my account. Job done m8. Make sure you refresh your browser because the cache will hold your old information. F5
  16. Klem, I'm away for the day but when I get back, I have 3 screens on my test rig but I am only using 2 at the moment for DCS. I will set it up on 3 screens and see if I can replicate Luft's issue. Bear with me m8. weeb
  17. Sorry was AWOL there. Families: Mountain:Molehill you get the script. Luftwoller don't worry, some times it is a lottery setting up stuff. And then you try to save it, windows 7 was fine, windows 10 says you need to be an admin, no wonder you guys shake your head. Klem that should work for him, but we can't see his monitor lua, so it might set up banzai, depends on what else Klem has put in. I'm not sure his saves are being made until I see the lua There is a plugin that allows notepad++ to save as admin, can someone in ED check this for terms and conditions. http://sourceforge.net/projects/nppsaveasadmin/ It was really handy when I was positioning viewports in the ka50. Just saves 2 menu clicks. weeb
  18. Hi m8, thanks for input but I sussed it out. I was following a guide on here purely to test helios, just to see if it was still doing what it was good at. This is not my games machine I'm working on, hence the 2 side by side 1920 X 1080's. The guide was for 1920 x 1080 plus 1980 X 1200 so the position of the viewports was totally irrelevant for my set-up. I had to write my own monitor lua from scratch and whilst doing that I came across a really handy tool. I do not endorse this, I am not connected to this software in any way/shape or form, I just found it incredibly helpful when working out pixel placement. It's virus free and the source code is available for perusal if in doubt. http://www.cthing.com/Meazure.asp weeb :thumbup:
  19. My actual pit uses a 27 inch monitor albeit only 1920 X 1080. That monitor is not big enough to incorporate the radar and the speedo, turning it lengthwise fouls the landing panels. It's an option but not for me. Cheers for the heads up tho. weeb
  20. Has anyone come across this yet. When I set up helios on I main screen and exporting to the right screen. The first time everything lined up, next time when I opened the side panels, it had moved the MFCD's up. This is what it ended up like. weeb
  21. Yeah spot on Klem, I just wasn't sure as 4 in a row is unusual and that is why I asked m8. weeb
  22. End? :) I have been at it for months and it's only the beginning for me. I think I have bought every type of available electrical component, LCD, LED, acrylic, bonding glue, oh and a laser, also £300.00 uk of aluminium, £600 upgrade for laser, some actual military flight components and gauges, so far £200.00 in arduinos, megas, minis, project boards, power supplies et all. Once it gets a hold of you, there is no going back my friend and do you know something, i wouldn't change it for anything. ;)
  23. Looks a really good option there Matt. The attached image doesn't work m8, at least on my machine. Can you check ?
  24. Thank you for spending time puting the videos together. Time and time again, I am gobsmacked by the ingenuity of peeps on the forum and the way they are happy to share with the cockpit building community. Kudos m8, love the keyboard on the wall but I'm totally in limbo atm as I don't have surrounding walls, so where can I put a keyboard.? There is one or two on the forums that may come up with a suggestion but I'd rather not go there. :megalol: weeb
  25. Are you running 4 in a line or T config? 4 in a line is unusual? was trying to do the maths lol. weeb
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