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  1. I still have this issue. None of the volume controls work in the sounds menu. Looking at the sounds control lua doesn't make sense to me. Anyone got a solution to this yet? local mapping = { global_volume = {"volume", 0}, ui_volume = {"gui", 0}, music_volume = {"music", 0}, world_volume = {"world", 0}, cockpit_volume = {"cockpit", 0}, headphones_volume = {"headphones", 0}, } sound = {} local k,m for k,m in pairs(mapping) do local vol = 0 if options and options.sound and options.sound[m[1]] <= 0 then vol = options.sound[m[1]] end sound[k] = vol + m[2] end -- set up cockpit types sound['cockpit_world'] = { ['A-10A'] = { gain = 0.35, lowpass = 1000 }, ['A-10C'] = { gain = 0.35, lowpass = 1000 }, ['P-51D'] = { gain = 0.18, lowpass = 3500 }, ['su-25A'] = { gain = 0.30, lowpass = 2500 }, ['su-25T'] = { gain = 0.30, lowpass = 2500 }, ['Mi-8MTV2'] = { gain = 0.3, lowpass = 3000 }, } ambientSound = { surfaceSamples = 12, --must be a multiple of 3 sampleRadius = 30, -- meters resampleDistance = 10, -- meters resampleTime = 0.5, -- seconds fadeOutHeight = 100, -- meters windCount = 5, -- wind types windMax = 30, -- m/s turbulenceMax = 3, -- m/s
  2. I just started a cold start mission in A-10c and now noticed its not only fire-pull handles that are blurred. About 30% of all panels are blurred, including APU panel, Fuel Panel, Tacan and ILS panel to name a few. This is a complete fresh install of 1.2.8 from scratch. I can run same mission in 1.2.8 beta on separate drive with no problems at all. Makes sim unplayable for me. (Slightly older silver hair surfer here with eyesight to match).
  3. Same here mate. Can't put my finger on whats causing that. Bizarre innit. :book:
  4. Wasn,t working for me. Did what is stated below. Downloaded and running great.
  5. Cheers Sith. It appears to be downloading ok now. weeb
  6. Is 1.2.7 open beta still available for download? I seem to have deleted it in a moment of madness? weeb
  7. UK Flight Simmers: Trackir5pro Flightstore just emailed me saying they have got them back in stock. 77 left. http://www.flightstore.co.uk/pilot-supplies-c1/torches-c179/track-ir-5-with-track-clip-pro-bundle-and-vector-clip-p2502#2792 weeb
  8. I wonder if anyone has had similar problems and may be able to assist me in rectifying mine. I spent all day yesterday trying to get FC3 to work but it seems to disable mouse integration in my A-10c and A-10a modules, crashes them etc. I will try to explain symptoms best as I can. 1. A-10c and A-10a installed obviously within DCS world. All working fine, triple monitor setup, everything working as it should. 2. Bought FC3 and installed it via module manager. Started F15 instant action. Bang froze, unable to do anything, Control+Alt+Delete out of it, tried A-10c quick mission, sim started but no mouse integration. Esc brings up menu but no mouse to click quit. Had to Control+Alt+Delete out of that as well. 3. Removed FC3 via module manager in case it was a bad download, A10-a and A-10c back to normal fully functioning no problems. 4. Thought would try FC3 again, went into module manager, it wasn't there under available addons. I downloaded the normal file from ED download page, installed it, tried to start to start F15 again, game hung, control alt delete again, window pops up, you need to activate module which I did, tried to get back into F15 instant action, hung again, control alt delete again. Back to A-10c no mouse integration. Removed FC3 a second time and my other modules were back to normal. FC3 still does not show up in available addons, checked licensing and its used 2 activations. I'm at a loss here, basically FC3 screws up everything else and wont work properly itself. :helpsmilie:
  9. Cheers M8 appreciated. Interested to see if it makes any difference.
  10. Skate Do you need to remove anything from the bin folder first or is it just a case of dropping the DLL's in?. Do they overwrite anything or are they an addition to whats already there?
  11. From Toms Hardware: "Unfortunately, Nvidia has a somewhat inconsistent method of designating its anti-aliasing modes, with numbers sometimes indicating total MSAA samples, and at other times indicating a sum of MSAA and coverage samples. The suffix “Q” indicates pure MSAA in the case of Nvidia’s 8xQ setting, but the 16xQ setting has 8xMSAA plus eight coverage samples. This leads to confusing situations, as the 8x setting in the Nvidia driver does not represent 8x MSAA, but signifies 4x MSAA plus four coverage samples. AMD deserves some kudos here for sticking to a naming convention that makes perfect sense. AMD’s level always indicates the number of MSAA samples, while the EQ suffix means the same number of coverage samples is added. For example, AMD’s 8x setting designates eight MSAA samples. But the 8xEQ setting designates eight MSAA samples plus eight additional coverage samples." Credit to and full article: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/anti-aliasing-nvidia-geforce-amd-radeon,2868-4.html Kinda made sense to me m8. Worth a gander. weeb
  12. Cheers SS. Thanks for that. Will give it a go tonight. :)
  13. Cheers Hans, that's what I was looking for. I realize now what I have done. I feel really stupid now, but I printed TM's stencil off, and they had designed it in landscape so it default printed in landscape not portrait. I was having a blonde moment. Thanks to both of you, matter is resolved.
  14. I have done Evil and the dimensions are different. I was thinking for example say someone asks someone else to make a mount for them and they use the TM template, it aint gonna fit. I'll give TM a bell and see what they say.
  15. Can someone do me a favour.? I'm making a joystick mount for my TM Hotas and I downloaded the plates dimensions template from TM but their measurements don't appear to be the same as mine. Have the joysticks dimensions changed since the template was made?. Can someone please measure their base plate, length and breadth, and the 4 holes in the middle of the plate centre to centre and let me know what you get. I think I must be going mad here. My dimensions are completely different from the attached. :joystick: Cheers weeb
  16. Have a look at this link. Its very informative. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=60815&highlight=softth Just for info. I have 24", 27",24" set up as 1 screen using softth and it runs very well with bezel correction etc. All screens blend exactly with each other, straight lines, river, plane. Why 3 screens and not 1 big one, that's a heavy hit on any graphics card?
  17. POV Hat I wasn't aware that the POV Hat had a centre press. That means mine is stuck in the down position as well. Only had it a month and didn't notice it.
  18. Throttle: 21350 Its on a plaque on the front. TM Hotas Warthog Stick: Can anyone tell me where the serial number on this is?, cheers.
  19. That just made me LoL :megalol: On a more serious note. When I go to download the files from the ftp Server it asks for a username and password for the server. Its not my login details can anyone help.?
  20. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a good 'un. :thumbup:
  21. Thank you Yurgon. Your input is greatly appreciated. Pointed me in the right direction and I won't be shy in using the forums now. I have spent days going through the forums and have been totally amazed at the knowledge and help available. People seem really nice here, not like some other forums where learners are talked down to. :thumbup:
  22. DCS UH-1H Huey Works for me. Thanks and Merry Christmas when it comes.
  23. New Hotas Warthog and Throttles. Hi All Noob alert :music_whistling: I was completely new to flight sims until about a fortnight ago and I have just found out what I have been missing. I started off with Basic DCS to find out what it was all about. I have the game installed (=A-10A and A-10C) on my 2tb spinning drive and the o/s etc on a 250 gb SSD. I was using a Black Widow Thrustmaster joystick but that still left too many keyboard commands so I have gone the full hog and bought the A10 Thrustmaster and Throttles. Now 2 questions: Be gentle with me I'm a silver haired, (ex-computer network engineer) surfer so I know my way around computers, not necessarily flight sims though. There has been an update to the game since I downloaded the original so I have got all the new files, I have read up about deactivation so I will do that before I install the new files onto my SSD. I will install everything from scratch no saved profiles etc and I was wondering when its all done and I go to install the flightstick and throttles do I a) Install the driver software for the Thrustmaster and download the firmware update if required or b) Plug and pray as I've seen mentioned in other posts and hope the game loads the default hotas controls. Secondly I have been looking in the control settings mentioned by others for the Thrustmaster default lua but don't see it. This is still in the old version as I haven't installed the new game files on my SSD as of yet and I wondered if there is still a default mapping out of the box. Hope you can help. Many thanks for taking the time to look at this.
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