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  1. You are playing a blinder here m8, many thanks for update, still kinda flying in the shadows here, was gone for so long, it's like learning DCS-bios from scratch. Promise you, I will catch up. Thank you for sticking with it m8, you don't know how much some of us appreciate your work. :thumbup:

  2. Had the same issue with mine, i'ts an expensive piece of kit, but the static energy it produces, is horrendous. Motherboard gave up one day when I sparked a static hit, lights went off. I asked Thrustmaster was there an easy fix, was just going to put a resistor in place to shave off the 20000kw power spike, said in gest but you know what I mean, new motherboard, about 60 quid uk, seems to have sorted the shit out. gordy.

  3. Meanwhile I've started to draw Dimebug's plans in Fusion 360.

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna use it, but the plans seems really good.



    I'm also contemplating how I'm gonna make the instruments.

    I would like to make most of them myself using steppers and Arduinos not using Ikarus or Helios on a single screen for the front panel.


    My plan so far is to use two Pc's:

    #1 for DCS (dual display. Will probably start with one), 2x MFCD and RWR (total of 4 or 5 screens. I might be able to use one screen for left MFCD and the RWR)

    #2 for Ikarus for HSI, ADI, ADI standby (2 or 3 screens I. might skip the ADI Standby)


    I'm gonna try to make a test VVI to see how much work it is and if it's worth it.


    It feels like I'm biting of a lot :-)


    Don't ever feel you have bitten off more than you can chew. I'm just back from, middle east/africa after a 2 year hiatus. Don't ask. Came back to the forums and things have moved along a huge amount. Joe, (Ian) has made huge leaps with dcs bios, John and Hans and another couple of guys, will rake, find and credit you, been away too long. Take a panel even if it is only say the electrical panel, interface it, make it work. Do that before you start actually building cockpit. It grows on you, I no longer have a spare bedroom bro atm pit is like 16ft.

  4. Mine bricked today. Very little use as I am building the cockpit. Guys have mentioned previously about the fact that it seems to generate static from nowhere. U go near it and it sparks. Motherboard has gone, that I have no doubt. Got it touch with Thrustmaster and it would be cheaper if I bought a new throttle than put it through the Paid RMA to France. I will buy a new motherboard and rip the old one to bits and find out why so many throttles fail. Got right on my tits this thing. From TM If you decide to start a PAID RMA, you will have to: - You will have to pay for shipping the wheel's base to our repair center in France; - Your wheel will be checked and if a repair is possible (because in some situations the defective part is not available as a spare part and cannot be replaced), then a price quotation for the parts that need replacing will be issued; - Along with the parts that need replacing you also have to cover a 60 Euros fee, for handling and shipping the wheel back to you; - You will have to pay for the entire quotation first (via PayPal); - Once the payment is confirmed on our end, the wheel will be repaired; - Once it is repaired and tested, it will be shipped back to you. Important note: before starting an out of warranty RMA, you need to confirm that you acknowledge the following: - we cannot guarantee that the product can be repaired before having it inspected; - if the product cannot be repaired, you will have 2 choices: you can pay 60 Euros to receive it unrepaired, OR abandon the product and allow us to destroy it, free of charge. The price for the main PCB is 53.80 Euros (shipping included). We are looking forward to your answer. To ensure the most efficient follow-up of your query, please answer directly to this email (do not open a new tic

  5. Nps bro, it is lga 1155, your A10 is AMD FM2 so you would need to change the motherboard. You pay the shipping, would probably be about 12 UK pounds. Here if u need it m8. I have used both AMD and Intel processors on DCS and found non-hyperthreading Intel processors to be best. Just clearing space here. :)

  6. After recycling my HD7950 to a really nice Polish guy who has it up and running and a huge improvement to his last card, I have the above processor to clear space. I know its not a K, or the fastest around, it's 3.1 to 3.5 turbo but I had it running sweet at 4GHZ through FSB and voltage tweaking, single water cooler. Only used it for 6 months, It up for grabs if its any use to anyone. Postage cost only. :thumbup:

  7. Hi hansangb,


    I haven't done anything to the DIFF.lua


    I am still using the 3000+ numbers in the default.lua file that I exchange the original with using JSGME. Then afterwards I map the buttons DCSW. DCSW will then alter the DIFF.lua accordingly.


    I think I did look into the DIFF at one time but couldn't find heads and tails on it.


    Not much I am afraid :cry:





    Fuel panel looking good m8. Looks kind of weathered already. I like that you haven't tried to hide the dots/imperfections etc Hans. I'm same, if there are chips and scuffs, it makes it more realistic. :thumbup:

  8. HI I am going to use a real ADI from a simulator so I wanted an LCD that would fit in the 3.25inch square RWR bezel.There is no place to hide the extra bit of screen on a regular shape(rectangular). I have found some simulator RWR screens I just have not had time to get new cables one for power and another for signal.


    Makes perfect sense to me DM. :thumbup:

  9. I am still amazed that while VKB has amazing designs and ideas, and courage to break through for "dying" simulator market, that they still don't have a "universal" good multi-hat stick in their arsenal.


    Like looking many Saitek cheap sticks, they have 2 hats and handful of buttons. Then is like Logitech G940 that has:


    - 8-way hat

    - Mini-joystick

    - 5 buttons

    - Dual-stage trigger

    - 3-Rotaries

    - Force Feedback


    And then comes the TM Warthog that just has amazing amount of 4/8 way hats.


    But where are sticks that has like:


    - 3-4 8-way hats (and/or one of them as Mini-joystick)

    - Dual-stage trigger

    - 3-way mode switch (visible to computer)

    - 3-4 buttons.

    - Force Feedback


    And I mean, really put them all to one stick so there would be possibility for anyone to map everything to HOTAS.


    KVB really comes fairly close, but they are missing the FF, as far I know.


    But would it be simple/medium difficulty to build a own FF hydraulics by making own stick with it, then get a good grip like TH Warthog or something from KVB?

    It isn't difficult at all to build a extension to existing joysticks, with a hydraulic dampeners, but just not have any FF effects there :-/


    Pardon me. "Dying" simulator market? I may have lost something in translation here. I am not a DCS fanboy, but they have grabbed a serious piece of the market here. Yeah, sometimes they get it wrong, but as a whole: "IMHO they are doing a great job" considering the other stuff they are up to, militray/civilian. I think there are a lot of simmers here would disagree with that comment m8.



  10. If you are thinking of building a cockpit bro, you are away on the wrong tack here. When you say building a cockpit, can you expand.?

    I, like some others are building full size cockpits so that statement about "a cockpit" is null atm. Most of the guages can be exported onto a second screen using Gadroc's programme. Why spend 60+ uk on 2 tablets when you could grab a 23/24/27 inch monitor from ebuyer for under 100 Uk. Not being critical, just thinking about the future when the cockpit building bug gets you. Technically the tablets will be defunct. I'm not an expert in cockpit building, in fact far from it, but...... been there, done that, got the T-shirt m8.

  11. Got one up for grabs. Just gathering dust on top of wardrobe. Awesome card did me until i got the 7970, then the 980ti's. Free to a good home, just cover the postage.


    weeb :thumbup:

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  12. The Saitek Combat Rudder pedals take a bit of flack on here from some people.

    But I can say in my honest opinion they are worth every penny that I paid for them. Never let me down and jeez, I've abused them. I'm going for a set of Crosswinds purely because I have budgeted for them, not because the Combat Pedals have let me down. Value for money m8, I know the Combat Pedals are more expensive than the standard pedals but they do the job well.



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  13. From me


    A less confusing solution (and what I plan to do in the long term) would be to move the ServoOutput class to a separate Arduino library. The same would apply to other possible additions, such as support for I2C I/O port expander chips.


    You never fail to amaze me Joe, you spend a lot of time sorting out this. Can you not use what you are doing here towards your Uni degree/PHD/Doctor


    I respect the time you spend here bro. :thumbup:

  14. @Zealu I don’t want to be provocative here, but could you elaborate more on this point. I just would like to understand better the point as I'm not so long on the forums. If I get a better perspective on the issues I might be able to spend more time on making a better version of this mod.


    Considering the "mod" I share the same view that it's not fair to call it a mod. It does not add any new functionality to the sim, all of the head movement algorithms are already there.

    The fact is however that all of the modules are configured individually with different values for neck/eye position. This has some advantages but at the same time introduces an issue of inconsistent head movement experience when jumping from one airplane to another.

    From this perspective this "mod" does his work giving users the same, consistent head movement across airplanes.


    Having a single server.lua file or modifying each of the individual view.lua would have the same result, being just a different way of how the "mod" is implemented. There is a maintenance problem as when new modules are released they need to be added but the same issue would be with modifying all individual view.lua files. Unless it would be possible to come out with a generic update algorithm which may be too optimistic expectation as none can guarantee that new modules will have the same structure of view.lua files.


    Excellent reply bro. I see where you are going here. Not provocative at all, merely factual :)

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