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  1. Gave this a go last night. Very well done! I thought the production was top-notch. It would appear to me that during the startup sequence there is no check in the background to confirm if the checklist item is correctly set. Is this correct? I look forward to the release of the full mission set. Is there an ETA on that?
  2. I have a few questions re the kneeboard. 1 - LOG Page - No matter what I try I can not get the LOG page to display I've tried "Show Log" and "Log Page". I hear a beep but the view never changes to the LOG page? 2 - What is the LOG page supposed to display? I've read the manual on the Kneeboard and there is no description of the function of the LOG page. 3 - I noticed at the bottom left hand corner sometimes the word PIN is displayed along with a left and right arrow. Since I fly in VR it takes some messing around with the mouse to get this to appear. The left/right switch page but what is PIN supposed to do? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Anyone using OVR Toolkit? I heard that there were issues with DCS - specifically window focus, mouse function. I imagine its also a hit on the FPS?
  4. I've been looking for, but haven't been able to find, a list of all the ordnance that the A10C II can carry. I'd like to have something that summarized the options and included range, target types, guidance mode, etc. Thanks
  5. I'm hoping someone can help with sorting out this issue. I have a shortcut on my desktop to DCS OpenBeta. As soon as I launch WMR the DCS shortcut disappears!! What is odd is the DCS shortcut for the release version of DCS does not disappear. The only difference is that I have VR enabled for Open Beta in the DCS settings. Any ideas??? Thanks EDIT - I found a workaround I pinned the DCS OpenBeta shortcut to my taskbar and it does not disappear when I open WMR. Still be curious if others have had this issue?
  6. I have some Bonus Points which expire June 1/2020. How do I know what products I can apply them to? Thanks
  7. I'm new to the P51. Just tried a "Create Fast Mission" and I was surprised to see the Red Force populated with Migs and SAMs! This seems to be the case even on the Normandy map. I guess this isn't news to the veteran users. Is there something I'm missing, I used this option with the A10C it would have been nice to have it available for the P51.
  8. Just got VAICOM installed. The issue I'm having is that all of the commands are repeated even though I only voice the command a single time. So if I request landing VAICOM sends the request landing command twice. Here is a bit of the log from my recent flight. Any ideas?? Thanks! 2:37:42 PM - Listening suspended 2:37:42 PM - Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 release' 2:37:41 PM - TX1 | SEL/AUTO: [ ],[ ],[ ] [ ] [ ] 2:37:41 PM - TX1 | SEL/AUTO: [ ATC ],[ ],[ ] Request Landing [ ] [ ] 2:37:41 PM - Recognized : 'ATC request landing' (contains 'atc') 2:37:41 PM - Recognized : 'ATC request landing' (contains 'request landing') 2:37:38 PM - Listening resumed 2:37:38 PM - Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 press' 2:35:11 PM - Listening suspended 2:35:11 PM - Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 release' 2:35:09 PM - TX1 | SEL/AUTO: [ ATC ],[ ],[ ] Inbound [ ] [ ] 2:35:09 PM - TX1 | SEL/AUTO: [ ATC ],[ ],[ ] Inbound [ ] [ ] 2:35:09 PM - Recognized : 'ATC inbound' (contains 'inbound') 2:35:09 PM - Recognized : 'ATC inbound' (contains 'atc')
  9. I'd be interested in the Gamma tweak also. I was thinking of bumping my resolution down to 2580 x 1080 and run a test to see if I can spot at farther range than at 3440 x 1440.
  10. I'm updating to the latest release and working through the Finish step in the Keywords Editor. A dialog is displayed by VAICOM with a note which says to make sure "multipart commands are consolidated" in VA. I'm not sure how to configure this is VA??
  11. I don't have multiplayer experience but want to get started. I just watched a video saying that monitor size and resolution play a big role in online play ie spotting distance. I have an ultrawide monitor at 3440 x 1440 which is nice but might be a disadvantage online. So my question is if you play online do you lower your resolution to make spotting easier?
  12. Can you post a video of this in action?
  13. Thanks guys. As you have sumized I had not switched the SOI to the right DDI.
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