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  1. Thank I was worried there was something wrong with my headset
  2. Does anyone ever notice objects appearing in one eye but not other?? shadows flickering on and off? Clouds flickering on and off and doing circles? i am running a i7 9700k RTX 2080 super 32 gigs mem
  3. Sorry if this has been discussed before. If I set my Reverb down for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom or something my DCS quits to desktop.. is this because the Reverb is going to sleep? how can I prevent this
  4. can you take a look and see if you can see what im talking about.. never saved a track before... shadows .trk shadows 2 .trk shadows 3 .trk
  5. havnt see one reply from ed on any of these shadow flickering issues. its march 2020 and i still see them.
  6. march of 2020 i am seeing this stuff as well
  7. i am seeing not only water flickering but on land also. it looks like to me its a shadow issue??? Shadows popping in and out. This is happening in VR and with out VR. Shadows on ground popping in and out.. Shadows in external view on aircraft popping in and out.. Flickering Clouds flickering I have searched and read a bunch of threads on these flickering issues but i have not seen any answers?? These issues going back to 2017 i7 9700k rtx 2080 super 32g ram
  8. Yes but when dcs-f18-2 comes out and you have to covert to DCS world 3.0 or 3.5. Then Str8 of Hormuz comes out and you have to merge 2.5 and 3.6. Then we go back to WWII and when that happends i think all the .'s are going to blow up and we have to start over!
  9. will there be an easy installer/Unistaller?? Without having to reinstall using activations. Im starting to lose count how many times i have had to reinstall DCS.
  10. I appreciate your time and effort for changing some textures, but i have to agree.
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