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  1. I'm not sure what you mean, try setting up a profile and go from there, what I do, I zoom in and out with my slider in SaitekX52.
  2. Hi Alexray, i get the same error when i exit Lock On. However mine works fine in the game. What I think you should do is delete the ...\LockOn\Input TrackIr file and restart Lock On. Hope this helps
  3. Totally agree, i guess we all want to see some improvement on current sim, such as TWS capability for Russian Aircraft, more efficient AIM 9 etc, so yeah my vote is Yes :)
  4. I have the same video card, updated drivers to 181.20 but have still the very same issue. I have teka teka's mod as well but it doesn't do the trick... Any Ideas???
  5. Hello guys i was wondering if anyone can help me bind the mousewheel to radar elevation in russian aircraft. Here's what i want to do: I've already mapped left mouse button to radar scan left, right mouse button to radar scan right but i need the mouse wheel to control elevation, i mapped it but it doesn't work on russian aircraft, BUT it works on radar elevation for the F-15. Don't you find this strange? When i use it to zoom in and out as well as MFD range it works, but it won't work in radar elevation. I went to lock on/input and deleted mouse.ini and restarted to map keys from scratch
  6. Hmmmm i have already tried before to map the trim buttons to up/down/left/right arrow keys BUT i have never thought of remapping them the way you say...it might be a good idea though... thanks man i will post as soon as i try do do this (which means NOW) :)
  7. Thank you Viper for the quick answer, reading your reply i realized that maybe i failed to explain properly (probably beacuse of my english ) . When i said level flight i ment that i keep level flight for the required altitude and speed, wait some time for the speed to stabilize (making the required corrections), and then press button number 2 or 3 once, (and i guess this is single button input you mentioned?)on my joystick depending on the circumstances . After a while i see that VVI either drops or raises affecting my speed and altitude as well. As i said i tried to edit the trim g
  8. Hello guys, i know that this topic is addressed many times and belive me, i have read all the topics written on this forum relating this issue but i still have problems with trimming ( i am refering to all aircraft). looks like no matter what i do, my trim is either too much or not sufficient. Let me explain, i have logitech attack 3 joystick( no force feedback nor rotaries), and so i have mapped my button 2 and 3 for pitch up/down. so basically what i do is fly level in order to let the speed and pitch stabilize and than engage trim.After some time the nose goes either up or down and loo
  9. Thank you for your quick replies, i had already used 4AA/4AF but sometimes, especially in those cases when i play for a long time, the game starts to freeze, and when i ALT+TAB twice it runs smoothly but i end up having corrupted textures and subsequently have to close the game, exit to desktop and then open it up again. yesterday i downloaded the most recent drivers for my card but looks like i still have the same problem. Oh well, i think i'm gonna get used to it :( anyway thank you guys for your help, i might get back some other time with more questions :) thanks again and sorry for my
  10. Hello all... I was wondering if some one could give me a good advice on antialiasing and antisotropic settings for my video card? these are the components of my pc... Motherboard: ASUS MB M2V K8T890 PCX SRG Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+, Memory: 1024MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT Pci Ex Realtek HD Audio output What do you guys think? Thanks in advance :)
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