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  1. Flanker 1 is hard for find now... i am looking for full version and not found... but i can wait for DCS playing the old Hind combat simulator :D Can get it here, full version 29MB. http://www.abandonia.com/pt/games/13062/HIND+-+The+Russian+Combat+Helicopter+Simulation.html
  2. i need do all this, for start fly:pilotfly: ... litle hard...:cry::helpsmilie:but i can do this, reading this steps hehehe
  3. what about the patch 1.13?? when will release and will fix what?
  4. moving tree because of the wind of blades...:pilotfly:
  5. i really want to know, how the pilot can eject in this chopper without fcked (lost head) in blades ? :P i think this guy died in su-25 ejection test eheheh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpvvZvKSgO4
  6. The final name of product is Lockon: blackshark or only BlackShark?? because it is not addon, is new Helo sim... or i am wrong??
  7. Opa, to dentro, só to esperando esse novo lançamento do blackShark :D
  8. Do you have plans for release one Demo of BlackShark when it is done??:music_whistling:
  10. No new videos, comments, nothing about it??? i want see playable demo!!:mad:
  11. then Lets vote for one Demo of black-shark this year!:thumbup: great gift for the Christmas
  12. any way for include play on foot controlling the soldier? get in and get out of chopper?:music_whistling: maybe little phisical programing sim can do it:smartass:
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