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  1. hehe I just posted that same link in another thread, also stumbled accross it by chance, couldnt agree more superb stuff
  2. I havent seen this excellent video posted in here, and sorry if its not my place to do so, however, this is SUPERB and wanted to share the joy :) Grats to Nelion this is what its all about! :thumbup::thumbup:
  3. My TIR 4 with Vector setup values Yaw: Linear value 8 Pitch: Linear value 8 Roll: Disabled (prevents that thing where you start wanting to trim it to your TIR roll accumulated error.. lol.. I know its just a button press away from centred again but still I prefer this disabled) XYZ: Linear value 30 (easy close viewing of Shkval) Suits me completely, hope it helps someone new and keen to just get in and fly.
  4. Im really happy to read of possible Linux support in the coming engine (A10... Apache..?). I would buy Windows 7 for better multicore support (Im on XP home) but if there is comparable performance under Linux that would be fantastic, and we would have one more Linux convert :D
  5. Thanks for the titles, Im currently reading 'Apache' authored by Apache pilot Ed Macy, its gripping stuff and full of descriptions of the tactics used.
  6. A friend of mine sent me this pic, I'll try to find something out about it :D
  7. Helos for me, I did some Enemy Engaged and loved it, a while ago, so a proper study helo sim with excellent physics is a dream come true. There are Apaches flying around here all the time, as Im close to a base here in the uk. Love to see those incredible machines, so to learn that theres an Apache study sim on the way feels pretty miraculous! I am currently buying pedals (simpeds), collective + stick extender (thanks Urze), Cougar HOTAS, TIR4 and put together a system around an overclocked 8600 chip. So yeah, keen. And happily broke! I flew some Falcon 4 AF online with some friends w
  8. Thanks for the info, getting mine soon.
  9. Fantastic video and looking forward to checking it out.
  10. Hehehe nice! I got my bro and me a couple of Urze's collectives :D Have a plug mate! http://www.leftside-limited.com/
  11. Looks great, anyone know what music that was?
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