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  1. Dankeschön! Auf Multicrew in der Huey warte ich schon lange [emoji28]
  2. 18, flying since 4 years dcs world and I am very happy, how it developed [emoji1305]
  3. Vielen Dank für deine Informationen, ist wieder einmal eine Freude das zu lesen [emoji39]
  4. Hello folks and or the team of Eagle Dynamics! I have a annoying problem considering "sound positioning" in the oculus rift dk2 with speakers. The Problem is that when e.g. I look back in the SA342 Gazelle (with the rift) I do get the sound of the rotor and engine 180 degree in the wrong direktion because of it is set up like I would use headphones. In some updates it was working fine for my setup (5.1 speakers) and then it changed again and I am sorry I can't tell you which update it was. So I would love to get an option for headset or speakers in the options tap or just an temporary solution, because it is really an immersions killer in the VR. Thank you.
  5. Die Sache mit Simple Radio wäre einfach der Hammer!
  6. Hello Gents! I have more a question then a wish at Bilsemtek; can anyone tell me when multicrew will be available? Really looking forward for this feature!! (sorry for my english :-/)
  7. I have had the same problem when I was hosting a mission and flying with 2 other guys.
  8. Thanks! I'm sorry, I was looking for it :-/
  9. Does anyone know when Multicrew will be available for the Huey? Really looking forward to it....
  10. UPDATE #4 09.10.2015 Who is developing an AH-1W? :O Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  11. I am not sure if it is a bug, but I think so. When I am in the Multiplayer (or single palyer) and another aircraft crosses my sight (taxiway) and the HUD blurrs out in the heat blurr area. Sorry for my english.
  12. I have had the same problem. Most if not all stutter have been eleminated by turning adaptiv VSync on (Nvidia Control panel) sorry for my english :-/
  13. This is really serious! I am getting 25-38FPS over Vegas, but not more when flying in the desert? (max FPS is 50 looking into the sky, normaly 38)
  14. Omg BO-105 is in development? You are the best guys, keep working [emoji106]
  15. I will make an mission for Nevada, including A2A readuling and just everything what you can do in freeflight :) Will post it then! Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  16. I have some problems with the Hotfix #3 My FPS are around 30-37 since the update, at Hotfix#2 I had stady 75 ... Can anybody help me? Thans!
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